Will tuition and fees change with the consolidation of the schools?

A work team with co-chairs from ASU and GHSU is focused on tuition and fees. They are early in the evaluation process, and information will be made widely available to current and prospective students as soon as details are known.

2 thoughts on “Will tuition and fees change with the consolidation of the schools?

  1. I think it is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL to keep tuition low if the new consolidated university is to be a truly *inclusive* place. Low tuition–and therefore, a diverse student body (with many students from very modest economic backgrounds) is one of ASU’s greatest strengths. It would be a severe shame to lose this strength.

    The University of Georgia has become, over the past several decades, a school for the upper middle class, overwhelmingly from metro Atlanta and overwhelmingly white–students from more modest backgrounds have been priced out, and the school has never achieved the level of racial/ethnic diversity that ASU has developed. I hope that in its own transformation, ASU doesn’t become another UGA.

  2. We all know that ASU is a “State” University and GHSU is a “Research” University. There is an imposed minimum tuition and fees on the individual levels of the Universities. Why not just say “yes, there will be an increase in fees due to a university level increase”?

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