6 thoughts on “High-level organization chart for the new university

  1. Your chart does not show student publications under either Student Activities or Student Leadership. Where will the Phoenix, the Bell Ringer and Sand Hills be located?

  2. It would seem that the duties of the VP for Academic & Faculty affairs offices could fall under the Vice Provost and/or be split between the Vice Provost and VP for student affairs. I would like to see a much stronger Faculty Senate with the Director of Faculty success falling UNDER the UFS and the UFS reporting directly to the Provost.

  3. While we already know that Dr. Azziz will be the new president, a wise colleague from another university saw this chart and suggested removing “GHSU” after “President” in the organizational chart. This makes sense to me if the intent is to create a newly named university that truly respects the histories of both constituent institutions.

  4. Where does ASU fit in this, I see GHSU but not ASU. Let’s make sure ASU doesn’t get left behind or cut out of the equation. ASU is all about the students and making the nursing classes the best in the CSRA, GHSU needs to take a lesson from ASU.

  5. In 1992 the greatest day occurred for me when I graduated from the Medical College of Georgia with it’s proud history and prominence in the community. Fortunately my diploma proudly still states Medical College of Georgia–that no one can take away. I did not graduate from Georgia Health Sciences University or Georgia Regents University–nor do I claim to be an alumni from either of these two. I am proud of my heriitage and the schools that I attended. It is sad that MCG no longer exists today. This is just another attack upon the medical profession by Obama and his colleagues.

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