10 thoughts on “Results nearly unanimous in logo, seal, colors survey

  1. Um, unanimous means: of a mind, in complete agreement, agreed. I do believe to have a nearly unanimous or unanimous vote then, at least the majority would need to be in agreement. A better headline would have been, “Votes are In: Logo, Seal, Colors Chosen.” This in no way implies that any of the survey had a unanimous vote.

  2. A simple majority is not indicative of something being unanimous. Semantics, I know. I’m curious: why was an out-of-town firm selected for the work? There are some amazing Augusta-based firms with tremendous branding experience available.

  3. Although I didn’t vote for 2 of those, majority rules! But the seal is the biggest disappointment… The tree and building images at the bottom look like they were just copy and pasted wherever they would fit. Not professional or prestigious in appearance. If the symbols are important to the history of the institution and need to be on the seal- they should at least be around the date like they belong somewhere.

  4. I completely agree with the chosen Seal. As a life-long Augusta resident, graduate of both ASU and GHSU, the first images that come to mind when I think of these schools are the Arsenal Oak and the Old MCG Building. I even own signed prints that have images of these symbols depicted in them. Obviously, many who know the history of these universities, gave much thought to their decision.

  5. I’m sorry, did I miss something? In what universe is barely a majority, “nearly unanimous”? Oh wait, you mean that basically, nobody could agree. Guess they’ll have to pick what they wanted from the beginning…which I’m pretty sure they were going to do anyway.

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