Regents approve mission for consolidated university

A new mission will be adopted by the new university which is being created through the consolidation of Augusta State University and Georgia Health Sciences University, after receiving approval from the University System of Georgia Board of Regents today.

The regents voted Jan. 10 to consolidate the universities and charged a 21-member Consolidation Working Group to oversee the process. The committee unanimously endorsed a draft of the mission after broad-based feedback from members of both universities before submitting it to the regents.

“It was important that the new mission reflect the true breadth and scope of the new comprehensive research university, which would include an aligned and integrated health system,” said GHSU President Ricardo Azziz, who will oversee the consolidated university. “Our focus will remain on educational quality, excellence and success, but it is important that our mission reflect the new reality – that we will be a completely new comprehensive university, competing with peers in the state and beyond, acting like the great American institution we will be, adapting and accepting change, responding rapidly and decisively, emphasizing the training and responsibility of our leaders and focused on growth and development.”

“This is a time of great change for our universities and this new mission statement, developed with input from faculty, staff, students and the community, will lay the foundation for what we expect to be as a consolidated institution,” added ASU President William A. Bloodworth Jr. “It will guide us in more effective planning for the consolidation by serving as a guidepost for what we stand for—and that is always excellence in all that we do.”

The mission will become effective after accreditation by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, expected next January, after which the Board of Regents will formally approve the consolidation.

The mission of the new university will be “to provide leadership and excellence in teaching, discovery, clinical care and service as a student-centered comprehensive research university and academic health center with a wide range of programs from learning assistance through postdoctoral studies.”

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3 thoughts on “Regents approve mission for consolidated university

  1. Please consider the following name as a possibility for the name of our new university.

    Georgia University of Science and Arts

    This name contains the word “Georgia” which will point people to the south. Also, with the combined reputations and prestige of our new university, it may in fact help the city of Augusta, GA to be finally placed on the map.

    This name also contains the letters “USA” which is contextually appropriate for the city of Augusta, GA. The city of Augusta, GA is filled with history and a strong sense of patriotism. By using the name above, it will show that sense of pride and patriotism still and will always exist.

    And finally, by using the name above, our new university will not sound like some deep south redneck school.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and consider it as a possible contender for the name of our new university.

  2. I feel that the names that have been suggested are too complicated…. The new name should simply be Augusta Georgia University (AGU) or the University of Augusta Georgia(UAG) .With these names, Augusta is still being represented and Georgia represents GHSU.

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