Consolidation Working Group considering revised list of names for new university

AUGUSTA, Ga. – The Consolidation Working Group, charged with guiding and informing efforts related to the consolidation of Augusta State and Georgia Health Sciences Universities, is reviewing potential names for the new university. The group is expected to narrow the list to three by the end of July, and submit those to the University System of Georgia Board of Regents, who are expected to make the final naming decision at their August meeting.

A Branding Work Team, with representatives from both institutions, culled the list from public input, research on top-100 American Universities and market research.

“The name should be future-focused. We’re thinking about the next fifty years and beyond.” said GHSU President Ricardo Azziz. “It is a central part of our identity and will influence the opinions of all who come in contact with us. If we aspire to be one of the nation’s great universities, we have to look like one, act like one, and sound like one.”

Following extensive public input and market research, the names the Branding Work Team suggested to the Consolidation Working Group today are:

Augusta University
Bartram University
George Walton University
Georgia National University
Georgia Regents University
University of Augusta

“This is very much a work in progress,” said Azziz.  “And the final decision rests with the Board of Regents. They will choose the name.”

The new university, which will be headed by Azziz, will be a more than one billion dollar enterprise, with state-wide and national reach. It will include nine colleges, nearly 10,000 students, more than 650 acres of campus and nearly 150 buildings, more than 1,000 full-time faculty, an aligned, integrated and well managed health system, and a growing athletics program that includes back-to-back NCAA Division I national championships.




28 thoughts on “Consolidation Working Group considering revised list of names for new university

  1. I’m a student at ASU & I personally think these names are terrible. If the committee renames the school Augusta University or University of Augusta, It might as well STAY as Augusta State University. There is absolutely NO point in changing it if these names are considered. Bartram, Georgia National and George Walton University are absolutely horrible and not everyone is aware of the history surrounding these names. Is the committee NOT listening to what the public and the students have to say? They should consider our voices (students) just as much as the public since it’s OUR schools they’re changing with this consolidation. With the student petition, I think that we all unanimously agreed that the new name should be Georgia Arts & Medicine University better known as Georgia A&M. It makes complete sense! Yes we’re well aware that A&M stands for “agricultural” and “mechanical” but we’re about making it our own. It’s ridiculous and sad that our opinions are NOT being considered on this issue. The committee tried and failed with these names. They need to go back to the drawing board ASAP.

    1. I agree with you completely the other names are terrible. I am also an ASU student and if we get Augusta University and University of Augusta there is no need to change the name at all. I also planned to go to Georgia Health Sciences University for my MD. Who wants to go to a medical school that has nothing in its name that corrsponds to my degree at all.

  2. Okay, I’m not a GHSU student, but I think I’ll actually have to stand out for GHSU students. GHSU is not on Walton road; in fact, most of the ASU property is not on Walton road either. Did George Walton contribute to GHSU or ASU at all? Why are we naming the school after a road name? It doesn’t make sense.

    I guess if the regents are making the decision, it doesn’t matter what anyone else would feel. But at least I raised a voice for myself.

  3. Who is coming up with these names? Personally, I still don’t like them… We need something simple. They’re trying to make something original, but haven’t you realized that the most successful schools have the most generic names? They’re to the point. We’re in Augusta, GA. We’re a state school. Go with that. No one will understand the other names…

  4. For those of you who don’t know that George Walton signed the Declaration of Independence, it is a sad testimony to how little Georgians know about their own history. Naming a school after a person has no effect on national recognition. How many people know who Johns Hopinks was? Or Simon Frasier? Some big name schools named after people include Butler, McMaster, Baylor, Clark, McGill, Clarkson, Cornell, Creighton, Pepperdine, Perdue, Sarah Lawrence, Roberts Wesleyan, Brown, Skidmore, Stanford, Vasser, Rice, and Drexel. Did anybody know that most of these were people’s names? Does anybody know who these people are? Most were chosen for historical purposes or because there was a benefactor of the institution with that name.

    As far as the names list goes… University of Augusta, Augusta University, George Walton University, and, to a lesser extent, Georgia National University are all palatable. The problem with George Walton University is that there is already an internationally respectable school called GWU– George Washington University.

    The problem with Georgia National University is we would be the GNU Jaguars, which is hilarious because gnus would be preyed on by jaguars if they lived on the same continent.

    There are multiple problems with Georgia Regents University because we would be GRU, which is the name of the lead character in the kids’ movie Despicable Me, the name of the Russian military intelligence directorate, and the main utility company in Gainesville, FL. Some research into acronyms might have been advisable on this one.

    1. Well, I know who George Walton is, and John Hopkins, and simple Georgia history even though I”m an English writing major. It’s not that people don’t know who George Walton is, it’s because George Walton has nothing to do with ASU or MCG. In consideration to your point, UGA at Athens should have more of a reason to name after George Walton compare to ASU or MCG.

  5. Leave the name alone. Let the name stand as Augusta State University. The incorporation of the GHSU/MCG makes no difference…they/it will be simply called ASU School of medicine Why is this so hard?

    1. The problem I see with leaving “State” in the name is that, in academic circles, it suggests a different type (caliber?) of university than what the new university hopes to be. Very few “State” universities are home to medical schools. The top schools in a state system rarely have “State” in the name. I believe that in the Georgia system it would be a step up in stature for ASU to drop the “S”.

      1. That is not totally true professor. Many State Universities are in the Top 100 university rankings. I’ve never heard anybody say that So& So STATE University is less prestigious than University of So&So!!! Absolute rubbish!

  6. I don’t really care for any names with “Georgia” in it because so many colleges and universities in Georgia, already have “Georgia” in their titles.

    George Walton University is not all that bad when you think about it.
    Thank God someone knows who he is…

    Seems like whatever they pick, we will somewhat be unsatisfied. All we can do is go to school and make outstanding grades so that our school will shine with excellence, no matter the name ;-)

  7. Congress is more popular than these names.


    Can we all agree that if OUR universities get named after a person, that we need to receive an endowment from that person or family? Maybe $50 million. This naming process is important but gosh we have so many more hills to climb.

    I am beginning to think that we should just call it Blank University. Since we want to change A&M, let’s change the meaning of Blank while are at it.

    Maybe we can call it Horizon University. We are facing new Horizons with the new u.

    Maybe we should call it Regents University since the regents are the people who will name the school in the end.

  8. “The University of Augusta” has a nice sound to it. Even for people who do not know the town, the word “Augusta” sounds distinguished. “Augusta University” is ok, but it does not roll off the tongue quite as nicely.

    “Georgia National University” sounds as if the university has some connection to the Augusta National Golf Club. In the 21st century, do we really want our new, dynamic, forward-looking university to be associated with an institution that admitted no black members until 1990 (but famously required caddies to be African-American?) One that still refuses to admit women? We want to be an elite institution–not an elitist one.

  9. So if this an act to save money wouldn’t make since to just name the united schools Augusta State University the most logical name given the success of ASU athletic programs and history.

  10. I wish they would just name it Georgia Arts and Medicine University. The Medical College of Georgia used to carry such power. Everyone knew the name, everyone recognized it as a presitgious school. The new name needs to be equally impressive.

  11. Alumni have significant concern regarding he name change and future philanthropic donations will be severely hurt if the Board of Regents is not careful. Changing the name to something Alumni do not identify with makes us feel less connected to the new university and less likely to donate. Why would I give money to an institution that I didn’t attend? Branding and recognition have been seriously hurt here and the merger and name changes come across as instability when our students are interviewing for jobs / residencies outside of Augusta.

  12. My personal opinion is these names are horrible. Some of the comments I’ve read, and from what I understand the same “complaint” is coming from the Consolidation group, is that too many schools already have Georgia in the title. So what? Ask anyone outside of the state of Georgia what schools they know from here and I guarantee the only ones they list are UGA, GA Tech, MCG, and maybe GSU. We need a name that will be recognized on a nationwide scale.

    Walton and Bartram have no connection to the schools, so those two are pointless. National sounds like we’re connected to the Masters, and Reagents is just plain bad. Augusta U and/or U of Augusta are equally bad because outside GA, SC, and the golfing community, who the hell knows about Augusta, GA? Nobody.

  13. So many of these comments fail to recognize the pursuit of this consolidation. You look back on the history of these two great institutions but the vision stops there. ASU split from the Academy of Richmond County, one of the oldest public secondary institutions in the nation, but no one complains about not keeping Richmond Academy in the name. I understand “if it’s not broken don’t fix it,” but this isn’t going to be the same ole’ university. Looking forward, it’s a chance to put a new university on the block that’s a sum of it’s parts and a great sum that is, one that will compete on a global scale at the top of it’s nation. This is about taking a name and making it mean something new. Seeing something change shouldn’t make you feel less connected, it should make you proud that your efforts there caused it and the community to prosper. I mean, you went to college right? How do you think your parent’s felt as they saw you change?

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