Open forums scheduled for August 16

Dr. Ricardo Azziz and ASU’s Interim President, Dr. Shirley Kenny, will hold Open Forums

Dr. Ricardo Azziz and ASU’s Interim President, Dr. Shirley Kenny, will hold Open Forums to provide an update on progress and answer questions about the consolidation process at noon on Thursday, August 16, 2012 at Augusta State University’s Maxwell Performing Arts Theatre and 3 p.m. in GHSU’s Lee Auditorium.

The Lee Auditorium feed will be stream lived and questions can submitted online. Instructions are available for watching the feed on Macs and PCs.

10 thoughts on “Open forums scheduled for August 16

  1. What in the world has everyone been thinking? This name is terrible. It sounds TERRIBLE. It does not ring success. I do not want to be a graduate from this school. I also have had no say in this. We should be the ones voting. I guarantee the students and faculty could come up with a better name. I feel ashamed to go here now.

  2. This is extremely saddening. General Sherman understood he importance of Augusta’s rich history when he gave the order to spare it from union torches, yet Dr. Azziz wishes to negate over 100 years of tradition at a university he never attended. Why not let the alumni have a say? This is sickening.

  3. I graduated in 1992 and was only slightly upset when August College became Augusta State University – but at the same time I was very proud they had made university status. No one will ever know what a wonderful university I graduated from with a name like this – How AWFUL if feels just to say it….Bah. DO SOMETHING!!!!! I can’t be there at your forum as I live in another state.

  4. we don’t have questions about the consolidation process. we know we’re being consolidated with another school. the only question that we do have is why ask for the students’ opinion on the name only to ignore their voice. it’s not going to be an open forum for questions. it’s going to be an open forum for the students to say that they are ticked for choosing the name. that is all.

  5. I attended ASU and I am honestly horrified by the name. As of today I’m looking to schools to transfer to. I wanted to attend ASU, for not only the rich history and the limitless possibilities, bout because I was an HONOR to be a jaguar. You sir have tranished that. Georgia Regents University? Are we an online school? You wanted to make us known for what we could offer, much like larger schools, but we as a community knew what the schools could offer. ASU and MCG will NEVER be referred to as the God awful names that you have purposed. YOU NEVER EVEN ATTENED THESE SCHOOLS WHAT POSSIBLE OPINION COULD YOU FORM IN NAMING THEM?! Fix this mess and go with the univeristy of Augusta. THAT’S WHO WE ARE.

  6. I want to see the results of the so called voting that was done by the community and students. Georgia regents is NOT a good or even decent name for ASU! You have neglected the community of Augusta by not including it in the name. I’m ashamed to be at this school name because of a horrible name. I graduate next December and do NOT want that horrible name on my diploma I worked too hard to have a stupid name on my diploma!

  7. This is a disaster! How could anyone lead to such idiotic, bland, and cheap sounding libel of a name as Ga Regents’ University! I must say that I will not update my resume out of fear of radicule, misunderstanding, and need of further explaining what once was great – especially in the name. “It’s all in the name, isn’t this what you preach Mr. Azziz!

  8. More money will be spent to change everything to reflect the new name change. Whether it is called the “Medical College of Georgia” or Georgia Health Sciences University” and now Georgia Regents University will not change my personal opinion of the BS Nursing Program. The BSN program at the time I attended was a disgrace to the nursing profession. No clinicals, no A&P labs, etc. Their interest at that time was to turn out managers and researchers. Clinicals were a farce as we never did hands on, but rather talked with the patients in order to write lengthy discharge plans. And now, the same thing is occurring. GRU is more interested in improving it’s image than employees. Hopefully, the merging of “Augusta College” will enhanced the nursing program, since AC’s program has always been far superior than MCG has ever been. I worked as a Nursing Assistant to gain the skills I learned to be a better nurse. Yet, my parents paid out of state tuition to a school that taught me nothing. If you cared about the employees [RN's, LPN's, etc] who are the back bone of the hospital instead of hiring researchers, etc, you might be amazed at the quality of your facilty.

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