Regents approve name for consolidated university

AUGUSTA, Ga. – Augusta’s new consolidated university has a name: Georgia Regents University.

The University System of Georgia Board of Regents selected the name for the institution, which will be formed through the consolidation of Augusta State University and Georgia Health Sciences University, at its meeting today. The new university will enroll its inaugural class in fall 2013.

The Consolidation Working Group, which includes both ASU and GHSU representatives, presented three name recommendations, including Georgia Regents University, to the board last month. Those names were culled from a list compiled by a subcommittee of the group based on extensive public input and market research collected over the past 3 months.

“I am grateful to the Regents for selecting a name that reflects the true breadth and depth of the new comprehensive university, which includes an aligned and integrated health system,” said GHSU President Ricardo Azziz, who will oversee the consolidated university. “The word ‘regent’ is defined as having great power, and as an institution focused on the future, this name positions us as a leading university for quality teaching and education, with an array of academic programs to include both liberal arts and sciences, and one of only four comprehensive research institutions in the state.”

The $1.3 billion university will include nine colleges, nearly 10,000 students, more than 650 acres of campus, nearly 150 buildings, more than 1,000 full-time faculty, approximately 5,600 staff, an integrated health system and a growing intercollegiate athletics program.

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129 thoughts on “Regents approve name for consolidated university

  1. Wow, I can’t believe they actually voted for the worst possible name for our consolidated university. It’s not a name that I can be proud of. It’s the name of a group of people who want to shamelessly promote themselves. So bravo, BOR, you’ve completely let down the Augusta community.

    1. I’m investing in permanent black markers. Anything that crosses my desk with GRU on it is getting marked out and scribble over with MCG. I don’t even want a cheap old coffee cup with GRU on it!

      1. Agreed. I will not spend any of my hard-earned cash on anything that has GRU on it, and I will politely decline any freebies that are thrown at me–unless I can borrow that permanent marker?

    2. everybody needs to shut up and accept the new name and bow down to azziz b/c he is king of the school and the board of regents are his servants.
      just kidding.

  2. Are you kidding me!!?? I would NEVER have gone to this school if I knew it would be Regents. When I hear regents I think of those stupid tests that you take in undergrad to show you have the minimal intelligence to continue school! It makes us sound like we can barely get into school! :( Ugh this is SO disappointing!

    1. I agree!!! I would not have even applied to graduate school here had I known that this was going to happen… This has been a profound disappointment for such an extensive community. I am sad to now be a part of it.

  3. I hate this. Georgia Health Sciences University sounds enough like an online school. With Georgia Regents University no one will even have any idea what we do. What are we now, a school that creates members for the Board of Regents? I am disgusted. Please do not use any of my tuition money to change the name of this school again.

  4. This has taken months to accomplish and only proves the lack of leadership in the Georgia Broad of Regents. They have not had the guts to to any of this accept behind closed doors.Why would they make the students and the people who care about these two universities, wait and agonize over such a decission. Georgia Regents University is a fitting name for what the regents seem to be wanting shove down our throats.

    This is a very disapointing day in Augusta.

  5. Not only am I ashamed to be working for this institution under its new name, I’m not sure that I want my next degree to come from here. There’s no inherent prestige in Georgia Regents University–for me, the name implies a detached sense of what our university is really about. It’s not about the Regents. It’s about Augusta, and the broad spectrum of education and opportunities that attending the institution can provide. I am SEVERELY disappointed in the BOR for their poor choice.

  6. It’s a shame Azziz and his cronies care less about our opinions…. did you read the Augusta Chronicle’s web story yet? The only Board of Regents member that opposed it was the one whose district includes Augusta. And he said he opposed it because the citizens, etc opposed it. This is turning my stomach.

  7. Not only is this the most self-serving name I’ve ever heard of, isn’t anyone concerned that we will be associated with Regents University? “A Leading Global Christian University” founded by Pat Robertson? Forget that this is a state funded school so you might not want to be confused with a private, Christian university, what about being confused with a school that has its undergraduate ranked as “Tier 2″ and its law school is ranked as “Tier 4″? What about Azziz’s big push to make this place a “Tier 1″ school and “re-branding” the school so that the name reflected this change? So glad that we’ve wasted millions on this since apparently the name “Regents” doesn’t necessarily help you get anywhere. You want to make this a better university? Invest money in your people, in your programs, show your faculty and staff that you are willing to release their yearly budgets, give your students an education that they can be proud of. Perhaps stop scaring people to death that they will be fired for voicing their opinions about how ridiculous this whole train wreck has become. Seriously, does anyone have any faith in the process any more?

    1. Absolutely. I used to donate a portion of my paycheck to the annual fundraising campaign. Not anymore. Why should I contribute monetarily to a group of people who misuse those funds and completely disregard the opinions of those who are so invested in the university? It’s just shameful.

  8. With this discount name will my tuition lower? I’m embarrassed to say I go here. I will not have that joke of a name on my diploma, why didn’t they just call it community college!

  9. 2012 will be remembered, by all who hold MCG or ASU dear, as the year when two grand traditions were swept away amidst pointless committees and sham solicitations for “New U ideas”.

    Dr. Azziz: Prove to us this is not so. WHO offered the name “Georgia Regents University”? Who, other than the BOR, supported it?

    If they are proud of their accomplishment, let them be known. Otherwise, this will remain an embarrassing page torn from the history of two proud institutions.

    This infamy may not be forgotten or forgiven so easily as you might imagine. Your name will also be etched in this stone.

  10. What a terrible name! I really never thought it would come to this. I am embarrassed and ashamed to even call myself a graduate student of such a ridiculous sounding university. I have no loyalty to this school. I only want my degree and never want to set foot on the campus again I am sure that there will be no student support for many years to some. The school can hang up any kind of collegiate team sport. I am sure the supporting alumni of many years are cancelling their funding as of today and I cannot blame them. What an insult to the community, faculty and students of ASU and GHSU.
    Regents University of Virginia warned the BOR. They are prepared for a legal battle. The BOR has no right to infringe on their trademark. I hope it is a long and expensive legal battle that GRU has to endure.
    I have a sick feeling in my stomach and I am very disgusted that I will have to show up to GRU on August 20th to begin a career at an institution with a terrible name and a horrible president that lacks prestige and admiration.

  11. I will hopefully be out of here sometime in 2013 and will not feel in anyway “tied” to the new name and just remember MCG/GHSU. As far as donations go, I’m sure with such a “regent” name they’ll do fine without mine.

  12. Folks, there’s an upside to this.

    Follow me here.

    Georgia Regents University School of Medicine ….Acronym- GRUSOM!!

    You med students will be able to say….I graduated from GRUSOM.

    Boom boom!

  13. Since the GA BOR obviously doesn’t care what the majority of people asked the name to be and the students, faculty and staff are stuck with your new status of step-parents of all of us, I think it is high time that you stepped up to the line and started supporting our over-worked and underpaid staff. Our staff is the only body of people working here that has yet to get at raise at GHSU. The faculty haven’t suffered. The amount of associate/vice presidents seems to keep growing at a phenominal rate with 6 figure salaries abounding. How about becoming responsible step-parents and giving your GHSU staff a decent raise and not make them wait another 2 years for a total of 6 years and no raise. Step up to the plate, if we have to wear your name, you should support us.

  14. i have a daughter at MCG dental school and I could not be more disappointed. What a bunch of idiots. I cannot believe she will have to tell people she went to whatever that name is. damn I hope future potential patients will believe she actually went to a school that also did not offer trucking driving certificates

  15. So they went with the “trying too hard to sound prestigious” name, which reflects absolutely nothing about the history or mission statement or either MCG or ASU.

    An unprecedented act of pure political narcissism. We need to rid ourselves of Azziz and the BOR.

  16. I think that the name is absolutely horrible. I believe that the opinion of the students, faculty, staff, and even the people of Augusta should have decided this name. Georgia Regents sounds like a prison. Please, change the name to something more enjoyable…

  17. I am an alumnus and current clinical faculty member of MCG/GHSU and I can’t begin to express how disappointed I am with the selection of GRU as the institution’s new name. I feel this is a definite step in the wrong direction and I can only hope that the level of dissent of all the stakeholders will be high enough to cause the BOR to reconsider their errant decision.

  18. What a joke. Good luck trying to get future donations when administration clearly doesn’t give a single care to the opinions of students, alumni, or faculty. This is a shame.

  19. Worst. Name. Ever.
    Mark my words: This name choice will do so much harm to the school for years to come. Alumni who no longer recognize their school and disapprove of those in charge will stop donating, giving scholarships, etc. The best talent will go elsewhere, students and faculty. Current students who have watched this whole debacle unfold for the past year or two will be so bitter towards the school and the administration that they will not want anything to do with it when they graduate. The Penn State football program will be in better shape then this school in 5 years!

    1. Could not agree more! I chose to stop sending donations when they dropped MCG as the name.

      I can assure you that I will now not attend ANYTHING with GRU associated with it, including CE classes.

      Good going Azziz…..

  20. As a two time alumni (Undergraduate, and graduate), I am fine with the name change. Honestly the name though important isn’t the most pressing issue for the consolidation. It always amazes me how people get caught up on the most trivial things because it’s easier than wrapping their heads around complex issues. Take a look at the majority of post made on the website that have substantive information. Look at the comment sections and you see that hardly anyone has made a single comment on them. Looks at the sections were people can submit questions, the last time they responded was June 13, 2012 (Almost two months ago). We have people getting jobs out the blue with out being public vetted (They just get “named” to the position). No clear idea of what the plans are to implement and administer admissions, graduate programs, student services, etc. We are already 8 months into the consolidation and every time we have a consolidation meeting we aren’t told any thing of substance, but when we go into department meetings or talk to high level people we find out what is really being planned. WAKE UP! The name is PEANUTS compared to everything else. Thanks.

  21. Do like I did and go to this site and call every one of the regents and let them know how you feel. Tell their secretaries you want them to call you back and voice your opinions about the matter. Leave voicemails. Ask questions about how we can change this decision. Don’t just sit idly by and let Azizz and the BOR walk over us the students, the employees, the faculty and the city. Stand up and be heard on this. Oh don’t be shocked when you get a disconnect notice from at least one of the numbers on there…

  22. Does anyone else ever wonder if Azizz really ever reads these and sits and laughs out loud about all the turmoil he makes with his decisions and if he even really cares about how the outcome will affect students, faculty and employees? I wonder if he can be impeached?

      1. I believe the point is, that there is already a ‘Regent’ University… and that anyone wanting to find out more about Ga Regents University will likely find their way over to Regent University over in the 700 Club, offering On-line degrees. Hardly a way to build a distinctive, prestigious identity and brand; DUH!

  23. You are all mistaken. GRUSOM is actually brilliant niche marketing. It will be — the only choice in Goth Medical Education. Our souvenir T Shirts will be licensed out to Hot Topic and Ozzy will be played as phone hold music.

  24. As a current student and a life-long member of the Augusta community, I am appalled at the “New U.”. Georgia Regents University, really? This name does not reflect the mission of either school, or the spirit of the community at large. It is a smack in the face to the community, faculty, staff, and students. I, for one, am looking into transferring to a school that has their act together. I hope others do the same. Perhaps Dr. Azziz will hear that “loud voice”.

  25. I agree with the 99% that think it is an awful name. It was brainless when the school was the Medical College of Georgia – you KNEW what they did and what it was about. I always thought the first name change was bad too. Augusta State Univ. had no issue also with folks understanding what they did. This final consolidated name is AWFUL and it sounds like something they did in a hurry overnight without thought – was there REALLY a committee and this was one of the choices? WHO did the marketing and studies on this? THEY need to find different folks to use on their surveys!!

  26. Incredible!!! After months of voting and voicing our opinions, what does the board do? They completely disregard our opinions and name OUR school after them. Im completely disgusted and wished i wasnt a senior so i could just transfer elsewhere that has a geographical or appropiate name for a school. I will graduate and will always go to Augusta State University!!!!!!

  27. Actually, Georgia Regents University looks good in print. Thankfully, the new name didn’t contain the word Augusta in the title – which implies Local, not State. My original preference was George Walton University which is similar to George Mason University. After a few months, complaints about the new name will die down and once the schools are completely merged, the nation will see a impressive research university – not a med or art school. Congratulations on the birth of GRU!

    1. I agree. I’m happy that Augusta isn’t in the name. Most ASU students don’t realize that MCG has more than 5 satellite campuses outside the city of Augusta. We’re a state wide University not only stationed in Augusta, this is the reason the BOR didn’t chose Uof Augusta.

  28. Board of Regents,

    You are treating The Medical College of Georgia like a red headed stepchild. You are taking the state of Georgia’s only public medical school with national name recognition for over 180 years and flushing that proud tradition down the toilet. The political momentum for merging ASU and “GHSU” into an amalgamation may be unfortunately inevitable but your name choice is unbelievably hideous. I might also add it seems more than a bit egocentric for the Board of Regents to suggest the name you have. To be a real player on the national level you have to sound like one. Listen to the reaction you are getting from the public here and reconsider!

    Hoping for leadership with insight,

    Wesley Mann, M.D.

    1. As a redhead, I think I can reply here that along with almost all others, that the name change has been almost universally distasteful, not just from those posting on here, but from everyone I have heard from who is associated with the New U.

      MCG was a name which had earned a reputation of excellence and substantial alumni financial support because of that reputation. The change to GHSU made it sound like an online community college, and fortunately I was able to get my diploma with MCG’s name on it. If you look at the history of the first name change, you will note that the College of Medicine had a STRONG negative reaction to the name change and almost separated itself, not providing financial support to the new GHSU. To further distance our university from the original hard-earned reputation is indeed a slap in the face to those who have patriotically provided financial, volunteer, and moral support to the Medical College of Georgia for many years.

      Regents University? How is that supposed to invoke alumni support for those who have helped to promote either college over the years? Funniest comment I’ve heard since this happened: “What’s a Regents?” Talk about non-intuitive…
      To have to describe the university that I’m trying to get my terminal degree from as “the school that used to be MCG” is not how I want to show my pride.


  29. Most of these posts appear to come from MCG students. I can tell you that the Junior College, Augusta College, Augusta State University students/alums don’t like it any better. AND we’re the ones who will be gobbled up by the much larger and better funded medical programs. Good-bye AC; it’s GONE

  30. What an embarrassment. An unbelievable waste of time, money, and the heritage of what was the great Medical College of Georgia. I mean how do you improve on that name?

  31. As a MCG class of 2010 alumnus I am disappointed in the new name choice. Please do not forget the current MCG students (my wife included) who applied to the school before they had any idea the name would be changing… twice… and are now stuck in the middle of this debacle.

    I don’t think Dr. Azziz expected this second name change and merger or he would not have expended so much of his initial political capital on the name change to GHSU. While many disagree with him or might be upset about the current situation (myself included), this is not necessarily his fault or his doing.

    While we are told that the Medical College of Georgia has retained its name, this is not true in the eyes of regulating bodies or the NBME/FSMB (Medical Boards). Just look at the residency match letters from last year’s graduating MCG class… they all say GHSU, no mention of MCG. The same was true when I applied to take my Boards this year – MCG was not listed as a school choice and to apply to take the boards I had to select that I attended GHSU, which didn’t even exist in 2010!

    Support the students and faculty stuck in the middle of this unfortunate situation.

  32. Worst name I could have imagined. I will never donate a penny to this university out of hope it will just go away. Luckily my diploma will always have MCG on it and not this monstrosity of a name. I’d rather have my MD diploma from DeVry University than GRU.

  33. I can’t believe it… The Georgia Regents decided to name our university after themselves. How terribly shortsighted and self-serving. How is it that a small group of people entrusted with such an important task, met behind closed doors and decided on the self-aggrandizing title among the 3 available? (and was GRU a choice that was there from the beginning or was it inserted late in the game?) The feedback and opinions from students, faculty, citizens of Augusta and stake-holders, that clearly regarded ‘Georgia Regents University’ as the least popular of the 3 alternatives, appears to have been ignored. How incredibly self-serving!
    The only way that this decision will ever be reversed or re-considered is if there is a massive objection/protest expressed by the student body, faculty and the citizens of Augusta. Its an issue that needs to be prominent in the print and popular media.
    Students – you have a right to be heard. (3+ years of tuition fees surely grants you some say!). Citizens of Augusta should also express their reactions to this new title that will, over time, contribute to the definition of their community.
    If it sticks, we’ll have a difficult time shaking popular notions that we are the Georgia Branch/Campus of Pat Robertson’s Regents University. I can hardly believe it!

  34. Georgia Regents University? Sounds like your trying to keep up with the reputation of downtown Augusta. Second rate and slummy. If I were a potential student I would glance at the name and think, Humm, wonder what kind of cracker jack education they receive there! I would look at Medical University of South Carolina. Much more conservative name. Sure you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, but you sure can discriminate. Did you all actually consider the suggestive names from the surrounding area? I believe there were some much better suggestions out there other than that of the board, committee or cabinet chairman.

    Seriously, listen to the criticism that this decision is getting from its students, facualty, staff and surrounding patrons.

  35. A very ridiculous name! All that time spent searching for a suitable name, and all they could come up with was Georgia Regents University!?!? Really???? It sounds as if no effort was put forth in picking a name. It seems The BOR just decided to be done with it, and just name it after themselves. This name says nothing about the university, and it just sounds like a cheap copycat version of Regents University in Virginia. Most people will continue to do what they are already doing now, and still refer to the University as MCG or Medical College of Georgia. We would be better off sticking with GHSU. GHSU sounds a million times better next to GRU. It will be a shame and disgrace to waste so much more money on a terrible name change. The new name chosen is embarrassing, and it could be a much better reflection of the people who hold a vested interest in these 2 institutions. Disappointed with the outcome, to say the least!!

  36. Georgia Regents U. will always sound like a university named by a group of pretentious, self-important late-comers who are trying too hard to join the club. Not confident. Not sophisticated. Not smart. I know it’s heresy to say so in Augusta, but MCG has never been a top-tier medical school — not even among public schools. But it is very good and solid, and may one day be on the top list. It deserves something better than a pretentious name.

  37. Folks, it could get worse.

    As poor as the name GRU is, think what would happen if the other Regents university sues GRU and wins its case, leading to yet another name change. Think about that for a minute. THREE name changes in as many years. How destructive would that be to morale, stability and national recognition?

    What sort of tertiary academic institution with any gravitas or pretensions to greatness would change its name in such a frequent, cavalier and improvised manner? If a THIRD name change goes through, then we’re in fiasco territory, if we aren’t already. At that point, there would have to be mass firings and possibly lynchings.

    There are no good options from here on out. We’ve burnt our bridges. Either stick with GRU or undergo yet another name change……*shiver*………

    Can you say “train wreck”?

  38. I work at ASU. I want to know the following:
    1. If my parking fee will increase from $10 a year?
    2. What will be the restrictions on parking at the downtown campus if you have an ASU faculty/staff parking decal from ASU?

    1. $10 a year to park? I hope they change MCG to ASU policy on that one!

      We pay $25 a month. But a lower “tax” will never happen. Get ready to pay $300 a year my friend.

    2. $10? Oh yeah, you can bet that’ll go up…..we over at MCGHSUGRUTBA pay $30 a month and $60 a month for reserved.

      and oh… some little guy on a 3 wheeled Segway is gonna slap a ticket on your window if you aren’t parked where you belong!

      1. That would suck, but even at USC Columbia we didn’t have to pay hardly anything to park. If it’s going to go up they need to give us raises cause that’s a lot. We need answers! :)

  39. Let’s take all of this anger and direct it at tearing down the regency mall, repairing our locals schools, strengthening our economic development, etc. We have major issues in this city that need to be addressed. People are seriously talking about planning a protest over a name that has been decided, and won’t be changed. Let’s protest over all of the dilapidated homes scattered throughout down town, our come together to over come our racial & economic division in the city. Just a thought.

    1. I don’t think anyone would disagree with you, but that is not the issue here. If you want to discuss other needs for the city than start a new thread. People are not upset over “just a name”, they are upset because of the blatant disregard for the opinions and desires of the students, faculty, staff and citizens of augusta that keep this university alive in the first place.

  40. Come on folks. It’s just a name. No one will even think about all this 5 years from now. Just remember, it could be worse. It could have Augusta in the name ;). J/K. As long as they keep putting my paycheck in the bank they can call it whatever they want.

  41. GRU (Gainesville Regional Utilities) is a multi-service utility owned by the City of Gainesville, the 5th largest municipal electric utility in Florida.
    It serves approximately 93,000 retail and wholesale customers in Gainesville and surrounding areas, offering:
    Natural gas
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    This is from “”. There is no such things like “” yet.

  42. I have absolutely nothing good to say about the new name. They picked the worst possible one. But then what did we expect from a committee decision that was not even made here in Augusta. I am just wondering why they even bothered to send out a list of possible names for people to vote on several months ago. It would have been better to have all employees and students vote and decide.

  43. So, I don’t like the new name very much either, but I’m ready TO MOVE ON! The consolidation is happening, the new name is happening. Let’s start putting all of our energy into creating a community we are proud to be a part of, no matter what the name is. We have proven to be vocal, organized, and passionate. What more could a great university want in the people who make it up? So what, we hate the name! We don’t hate the students, staff, and community it is a part of. Let’s take our passion and use it to build what WE want this to be. Not some higher up, the people who LIVE, WORK, and LOVE the universities and Augusta.

  44. I spoke with a couple of the regents over the past couple of days and they have told me the only way we can do anything about this now is to get the Chancellor involved or to get the SAACS committee to vote the name down. SAACS is the next step for approval. Or we can get Azizz to petition to have another vote for a new name which we all know is not going to happen since he wasted so much money the first time on a committee to come up with names that werent even on the list that got sent to the BOR…

    1. Lets not forget, the “Players” behind suggestion of the amazing name “GRU” were not BORs. They were right here all the time, they were (supposedly) our own. How could they do that? And, if they could, I’m not surprised the way BORs acted.

  45. Shouldn’t there be an apostrophe somewhere in there?! You can have a board composed of several governors, as in the University of Georgia Board of Regents. But can you have a Georgia Regents University? What does it mean exactly? A University for the education of ‘regents’, as in Winchester Boys School…

  46. As an allumnus of ASU I can say that I can’t believe a name this horrible was chosen for my alma mater. Please reconsider, I don’t want this on my resume, and have heard many comments from prospecitve students, my daughter included, that would not want to go to a school with this name.

  47. Did anyone read Dr. Azziz twitter post. The BOR donated $45 MILLION to cancer research! So is there any question on why they changed the name? I can’t believe the media has not picked up on this.

  48. I hope President Aziz and the Board of Regents are learning something here from the massive and growing groundswell of opposition to this naming of our consolidated university. The naming committee did due diligence in National testing of some of these proposed names (but not GRU) but they neglected to test the names on the people who really matter the most- the students & employees & familes of the ASU and GHSU communities, alumni, stakeholders, people of the city of Augusta and region. An unfortunate and catastrophic oversight, indeed.
    With all due respect to Regent University, I am afraid that by naming our University Georgia ‘Regents’ University, the world will associate the level of our enterprise with that of Regent University, and hamper us from our mission to be a renown National center for research and teaching.
    Keep the comments coming and keep bringing this issue to the BOR and to our President. They can rescind their catastrophe, rectify their mistake, and give our university a name that at least 20 people will like.

  49. Another Alumn and current Faculty Member here.

    I, and most of my colleagues are incredibly disappointed in the new name, a name that goes out of the way to sound prestigious, accomplishes nothing and abandons any hope of expressimg what our mission is. Absolutely horrid.

  50. The name sounds like a cheap on-line university. Sad. What is most sad is that this decision was made KNOWING how much this name was disliked by the students, employees and community as a whole.

  51. As a previous student of ASU, MCG, GHSU, and now a current student of GRU, I cannot express enough my disappointment for the lack of respect and consideration to the students, faculty, and staff of these Universities. Our opinions were not only asked, but encouraged, however in the end were completely disregarded. I don’t understand how a group of people who have (in my opinion) very little understanding of these two universities could act in a way as to not just choose an absurd name, but to also discredit what this new university stands for. In the community’s mind, we are all over the place. MCG –> GHSU –> GRU to merging two very different schools to even the hospital. Does anyone notice in the newspaper, the hospital has been called everything from Medical College of Georgia to Georgia Health Sciences University Medical Center to Georgia Health Sciences University. I am a medical center employee and I believe we are “Georgia Health Sciences Medical Center” but I can’t even be sure about that. My point is- this is a complete disaster! There is so much that has to go on in order to successfully and adequately merge these 2 universities and now the BOR wants to stomp all over any positive progress that has been made and slap a good-for-nothing, non reflective name on us. Sounds and looks like pure selfishness to me. Good job, BOR! Hope you’re planning on supporting this university since probably none of the alumni are!

  52. Come on now. This is a great name for our new school and there can be no better leader than Dr. Azziz. We should be proud of the courage shown by the Regents in choosing this name.

  53. I am an alumni of ASU when it was AC. While my prefered name would have been University of Augusta, one of my concerns is how do you keep the almost 200 years of MCG and 100 years of ASU history in front of prospective students with such a dramatic name change. While I understand the looking to the future and the mission of the new U in research, it seems that the history of the two institutions is just being dumped overboard and does not play into the plan going forward. The marketing plan is going to have to be not just good, but unbelievably great to get prospective students to understand that the message that the new U was not born yesterday. Nothing has been announced to the public about how this is going to be carried out. In addition, I think the golfers on the national championship teams have it right, all the work that went into the ASU “A” logo and its recognition by other institutions, etc. by way of those national championships is just being tossed. You can’t buy the type of publicity they obtained for the school thru those championships.

  54. The following is a comment I sent to the Board of Regents:

    Please revisit your selection of the embarrassingly self-congratulatory name “Georgia Regents University”. Recent information reported in The Augusta Chronicle shows that it was far from the best choice suggested by unbiased research. Your naming fiat casts a pall on the integrity of the Board of Regents, and does not serve Dr. Azziz well. Here are the legitimate questions the recent information raises:

    1. How long ago did someone (or some group) actually decide the name was to be Georgia Regents?

    2. Who told whom to make sure “Georgia Regents U.” was on the final list of 3 names?

    3. Was the expenditure of tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars to explore the best choice for the new name an act of fiscal fraud perpetuated on Georgia taxpayers? Are there grounds for legal action?

    4. Even though we now know “University of Augusta” was the name all unbiased studies indicated would serve the school best, was it never seriously considered because it would hinder eventually moving the medical school’s main campus to the alma mater of the vast majority of Board members?

    I would genuinely appreciate specific responses to the above questions. I assure you, I’m not alone in harboring them. Even if they go unanswered, they are not unasked in the minds of thousands of people.

  55. II think it is a negative reflection on the administration to not involve the community in the naming process. I understand that there would be some complaining even if the name was University of Augusta but the response would have never been this bad if the community would have been involved. I’m baffled that the $45,000 report was not taken more serious in the BOR’s decision process. If they would have gone with the #1 pick, which Azziz and admin spent so much money to obtain, then this whole problem could have been avoided. Bottom line is GRU is a terrible name and it seems the BOR just wanted Rejents in there final name. Just hoping my diploma will say MCG in a 8 mos…..wishful thinking

  56. I hope that President ZZZZ realize that without local support, especially the employee and alumni, it will be very hard for him to be successful. As smart he is, he should carefully revisit this naming matter

  57. Looking forwad to many improvements being made at ASU (now GRU) under the new leadership. About time the state of GA stepped in to improve ASU. By the way, I paid $600 per year to park at my previous University, also in GA.

  58. I’m done… I’m going to ask the MCG Alumni Association to remove me from its list. I don’t want anything in the future from MCG, GHSU, GRU — whatever! And I am not going to give anything back…

  59. I will not make any more contributions to MCG until Azziz is gone and takes his GRU name with him. Lets see how this affects alumni donations and hopefully Regents Univ of Virginia will successfully sue GRU. Impeach the idiot who makes $650,000 a year to lead a great insititution to the ground.

  60. Just finding out about this in Alabama. Sounds like they will be turning our beloved MCG into an online degree Medical School with the name they shamefully selected. Thinking I might get a Divinity degree from the new entity to help save some of the souls who will abandon the “NEW” university. What a load!

  61. I posted this to LinkedIn, but just had to share here as well.

    Including Regents in the title of the university gives the false impression that ASU/MCG were failed universities in need of rescue by the state board of regents. It’s the equivalent of saying one attended the Department of Education High School. It has no value, no meaning, and will fail to attract top professors and students.

    The new name tarnishes the significance and history of both colleges. Furthermore, just like the poorly planned and executed GHSU naming effort, the new name will further obscure the contributions of all who’ve published their research under the lost and soon to be lost domains.

    I wonder how many years Augusta will have to suffer this intolerable name.

    1. the name is pretty GRUsome… the BOR should be ashamed of themselves.. they are nothing but a group of political appointees, which makes them rotten politicians. they have no respect for this school or its students or the community of augusta. I wish the local newspaper would publish their names and addresses so we can bombard them with mail regarding their pure arrogance about the name change.

  62. Its so funny, years as a graduate of ASU, when I interviewed in the community for a job, no one would hire me. In fact, many comments were made to me that the locals were tired of hiring students from ASU. One interviewer even asked me what I thought about my school. Now, those same people are crying a fuss over the ASU name. Get over it – you weren’t supportive of ASU in years past – why do you care about the name now?

  63. At this point, locals who refuse to support the name are just hurting themselves. Think of it like a baby – if everyone says it’s ugly then it will grow up thinking that it’s ugly and won’t thrive. You’re making this baby think its ugly and 10 years from now you’re going to have a baby that didn’t thrive. Embrace the name and move on.

    1. By that logic wouldn’t you blame the parents for such an awful baby name? And wouldn’t you hope that someone close to those parents would tell them that they will ruin their child’s life if they name him “Thurman Murman”?

      1. The writer didn’t state that the baby had an ugly name or was ugly because of its name. If you really cared about your school though, you would support the change. You’re only hurting yourself.

  64. With all of the disappointment and frustration regarding Azziz’s involvement in the naming of the new/future university as well as his alleged disdain for the city of Augusta, it seems that more attention should be focused on getting him removed/replaced as such a major influence in the Area. Reading the posts, newspaper articles and following on the local news it appears the majority of people are not in favor of this decision, but looks as if everyone is going to just sit back and let it happen (not without their voices being heard of course). GHSU President and CEO of GHSU Health system, Ricardo Azziz is doing exactly what he is supposed to do. He has worked tirelessly to gain the POWER and influence he has acquired over the local government and surrounding areas. If you’re not satisfied with how he’s conducting the business of Georgia Health Sciences University…soon to be Georgia Regents University (and he will CONTROL new university as well…hope everyone see’s that advancement in his future), take the steps now to have him removed or just let the leader LEAD as he sees fit.

  65. I vote that they stop using a name and just use a symbol like Prince did. The symbol could be the caduceus and we can refer the school as “the university formally known GHSU, formally known as MCG”.

  66. Where is this place? What is offered? Oh, that’s right, it’s a for profit extension of that school in Virginia, right? Medical students, get ready for your GRUSOM degree. GRU means “Russian Spy Agency”. Way to slap an entire community in the face. Augusta University was SOOO the obvious choice to make everybody happy and the state proud. Leave it to a bunch of old suits to botch this up.

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