5 thoughts on “Open forums scheduled for September 7

  1. Dr. Azziz,

    Truth-tellers are seldom appreciated in their own times and places.

    Please do not allow the embarrassingly pejorative rhetoric of the more myopic residents of My Hometown dissuade you from completing your mission of establishing a first-class, nationally-recognized research university in The Garden City of the South.

    1. Dr. Spinks,
      Nice use of really big words to take a cheap shot at the Augusta community.
      You, like Dr. Azziz, are missing the reason behind our outrage. The 97% of us are not against the consolidation or the hope of building a respected research university in our fair city. What we are against is the absolute lack of respect by Dr. Azziz and the BOR towards the Augusta communities overwhelming support of keeping “Augusta” in the name of the newly consolidated university. We are angry because Dr. Azziz carries himself, as I assume you do, that he is smarter than everyone else and he will do whatever he pleases. We are livid that $45,000 was spent on a survey that was never presented to the BOR. We are outraged that Dr. Azziz continues to hide behind, “I had nothing to do with it and I couldn’t effect change if I tried”, while calling himself a “leader” (and as someone who has been to Afghanistan, I can tell you with complete certainty that Dr. Azziz is no leader). Lastly, we are insulted that Dr. Azziz persistently contends that “Augusta” (or any city name for that matter) cannot have worldwide recognition as a legitimate university when we all know that it is a complete lie (ever heard of Auburn? Or maybe Clemson? Pittsburgh?)
      The name will change because this community will not put up with Dr. Azziz’s blatant, egregious, and complete dearth of any substantial evidence to support his absurd claims. See, I can use big words too.

  2. Truth tellers? Seriously, Dr. Spinks? The man lied to his students, our community, and his board of minions… er… the Board of Regents. Liars are never appreciated in any time or place.

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