Consolidation Update: October 3, 2012

Recent items from the Consolidation Action Team:

  • In response to faculty, staff, and student feedback on the proposed ID badge policy, CAT members discussed and evaluated policies at other universities. The CAT decided to eliminate the requirement that badges be displayed at all times on the current ASU campus. Badges should still be carried on your person, and must still be worn at all times on the current GHSU campus.
  • Recommended items for inclusion in the first of a series of “Transition Forward” dialogs. This first session will include a cross section of individuals who are actively engaged in the consolidation process.
  • Reviewed a package of materials designed to facilitate work team efforts to develop policies for the new university.

The next open forum is scheduled for October 15.

3 thoughts on “Consolidation Update: October 3, 2012

  1. My son has just received his acceptance to ASU as an incoming freshman in the fall of 2013. We are very excited about ASU and the merger. We do hope that the board of regents will reconsider the name and yield to the overwhelming voice of the people which includes mine for the University of Augusta or U of A. Save the A!

  2. As one of many who love the Augusta based name, having family graduated from Augusta Junior College, myself a graduate of Augusta College and several members currently enrolled in Augusta State University, I feel the name gives us a connection to our geography and in a time and place like no other name can give. High Point University did not change it’s name and it has grown more than 3 fold in size and enrollment…. We all know specifically where High Point, NC is just we recognize Augusta and it’s positive geographical significance.

  3. I truthfully do not understand the whole fuss over Save the A, I look forward to the new name and the promising future of the school, not forgetting the golf and athletics. I graduated in 04, University of Augusta is just confusing, what works for Miami is not a fit for Augusta. As long as its not to be confused with rejects I’m totally good with the name. But again, please, not anything with the name of Augusta in it. I don’t think it’s the norm to have the city name part of the schools name. That may satisfy the surrounding areas but I like to believe the schools direction is beyond local… Go jaguars!

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