Agreement reached for university name

Georgia Regents University Augusta will be the brand name used in the official logo and in marketing efforts of Augusta’s new consolidated university.

Georgia Health Sciences University President Ricardo Azziz and Save the A campaign members Nick Evans and Barry Storey announced today that an agreement has been reached regarding the name that would be included in the official logo and all branding materials used for the new university moving forward. The announcement follows discussions between the parties. The new university is being created through the consolidation of GHSU and Augusta State University.

“We are pleased to have reached an agreement that enables us to prominently incorporate ‘Augusta’ in the official logo and branding of our new university,” said Azziz, who will head the consolidated university. “The agreement allows us to highlight the importance of the city in our academic, clinical, research and athletic programs, while ensuring the people of Georgia recognize our state-wide role.”

The new $1.3 billion university will include nine colleges, nearly 10,000 students, more than 650 acres of campus, nearly 150 buildings, more than 1,000 full-time faculty, approximately 5,600 staff, an integrated health system and a growing intercollegiate athletics program.

“Throughout this process, ensuring the recognition of this community in the name used for this new university has been our top priority,” Evans said. “Augusta’s new university now will have an official logo and look that recognizes our city, which will do much to ensure its national and global appeal.”

“I am very supportive of this agreement which not only highlights the broad state-wide mission that the consolidated university will have, but also allows us to recognize the value of the Augusta community in the new university. A university which will focus on ensuring the best academic programs and student success possible for the benefit of all of Georgia,” said University System of Georgia Chancellor Hank Huckaby.

“Augustans can take pride in their new university,” Storey said. “With this agreement it is my hope and expectation that the community will rally around the consolidation to ensure the success of our students and the state of Georgia.”

The new university will adopt the use of the name Georgia Regents University Augusta in its official logo and its branding efforts following approval of the consolidation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the University System of Georgia Board of Regents, which could be as soon as January 2013.

24 thoughts on “Agreement reached for university name

    1. That probably won’t be an issue, because the official name is still going to be Georgia Regents University, although local media seems to be ignoring that little detail. “Augusta” will only apply to the logo and for the practice of branding/marketing. So I would think a satellite campus will just ignore “Augusta”.

      1. I think it’s about time we get rid of Azziz. He is terrible. He has made very poor choices in regards to MCG and now is making even worse decisions with ASU. It sounds to me like the “board of regents” need to have an ego check and not force their name on an institution. There are many suitable names out there and they chose a terrible one just so they can feel wanted in this city.

  1. That’s totally worse. Why is Azziz so darn stubborn about the name “Regents?” It sounds so silly. People will think I went to an on-line college like the University if Phoenix or Kaplan. It’s embarrassing. I live in Chicago now and whenever people ask me where I went to undergrad I just tell them, “Some generic state school in Georgia.”

  2. Congratulations! As an alumnus of Augusta College, and a dual alumnus of MCG, I fully support the new name and appreciate the efforts of all involved. My hope is that everyone will embrace the name and help to move our institution forward.

  3. This is even worst. I was actually fine with GRU even though it wasn’t really great. But now I’m confused and annoyed. Who are you people? Where on earth does this pass as acceptable logic?

  4. The Board of Regents, the same group of bozos who wasted millions of dollars on what is essentially an interim name change, are now insulting the intelligence of the 99.99% of students, alumni, and faculty who favor the name “University of Augusta” over “Georgia Regents University”.

    Who that does not study or work here will really know the FOURTH word in the name of the institution and thus associate it with Augusta? A FOURTH word in an institutional name is basically like a middle name for a person … hardly anyone will know it or will go by it. This is not a compromise.

  5. This name is even worse! Seriously?! If over 95% of the students, faculty, AND locals of Augusta hate the name “Regents’” then why not listen to them! There are so many better options that would please most people.. Do what is right and listen!!

    These are the people that will get others to want to come to this school, the people that “would be” giving donations to the school after they are in the professional world. You are making a serious mistake here and you know it, but don’t seem to care. Sad

  6. Wow. You just tacked “Augusta” to the end of a terrible name, making it even worse. You broke your own 2-3 word name limit and created a name that’s not memorable, not distinctive, not meaningful or relevant, provides no value proposition, confusing, no prestige on a regional or national level, no reasonable or convenient abbreviations.

    With GRU we sounded like an online institution. Now we are the satellite campus to an online institution.

    The only name that needs to change around here is the one on Azziz’s desk.

  7. The new name is a complete let down. I was ready to support the GRU name, as unimpressive as the “regents” part of it was, because I liked “georgia” in the name as well as “university” as a representation of all the colleges, both graduate and undergraduate. However, the new 4 letter name sounds so long and cumbersome, with both a city and state in the name sounding exactly like a community college/satellite campus as other have already mentioned. I hope the idiots at “Save the A” are happy with the new monster they have created. While I saw potential for a top 50 university even with the lackluster GRU name, I just don’t see that with GRUA.

  8. According to the Chronicle of Higher Education (and it’s clear by listening to the carefully parsed words of Azziz and others) the official name is still going to be Georgia Regents University. “Augusta” is being added to the logo, and can be used for marketing, but I see nothing to indicate that it will be on diplomas.

  9. I will always call it MCG. I know three doctors that has gone through the change an all said they will call it MCG. I understand what the BOR/Governor Office is trying to do, but when you got a great regional university in ASU and a great medical school, why change those two schools. Why change MCG/GHSU? I could live with GHSU. We all know that a name in anything can sell it or drop it? Will the money that the state gives out to the schools be the same or will it be one lump sum and when ASU gets into financial problems, MCG will bail ASU out.

    I would even go for Augusta State University and Augusta State University Medical School.

  10. As a supporter of Save the A I am disapointed. The name should be University of Augusta, period. Sadly, the regents and Dr Azizz, that are not from this community, just do not understand the worldwide recognition of the little golf tournament that is held just around the corner every April. That event brings more instant recognition and prestige to the Augusta name than money can buy. Think about what the Olympics did for Atlanta and the state in 1996. That was a one time event. People around the world are reminded of Augusta, Georgia every year during the Masters Tournament. Tying the school name to a city that gets that much recognition and free publicity just makes the most sense in my humble opinion.

  11. and when you answer the phone it will be “hello this is Georgia Regents !” not this is “Georgia Regents University Augusta!”.
    I think it will it be “Hello Georgia Regional !” its got to be this one, because the nuts are running the place!!!!!

  12. How about this….Georgia Health Sciences University stays GHSU on all signs around campus, diploma, applications, etc. Augusta State University stays ASU around campus, diploma, applications, etc. As far as marketing information and as far as the university system is concerned we are one school under the name Georgia Regents. This way, no body has to give up a name, no school has to dumb it’s name down to a diploma mill, when I go out on clinical’s I don’t have to tell my patient’s I’m from GRU and sound like a dumb ass, etc. Everybody remains happy.

  13. What a stupid name. I came across this cause I was going to take my son to visit the school. With a name like this, we’re going to bypass it. We can just imagine the puzzled look when anybody asks what school he attended.

  14. Since I no longer reside in the Augusta community and have been unable to attend the forums, my primary concern is the lack of planning that surrounds this whole issue. Why was an institutional merger (and subsequent name change) not considered prior to the BoR approving a name change for MCG which has cost the institution and the State significant amounts of money, only to be repeated less than 3 years later. During these trying economic times it seems that the stewards of the University System of Georgia would be more economically prudent, committing funds to improve educational resources as opposed to signage, letterhead, logos, etc. I agree with the majority of the posts – Georgia “Regents” University “Augusta” needs further refinement – why not University of Georgia @ Augusta?

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