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Admissions-Records Work Team Update

  • Continuing to consolidate the ASU/GHSU catalogs.
  • Testing the Banner Student Systems.
  • Meeting regarding guidelines for dual programs.
  • Working with consultant to begin development of GRU diploma.
  • Submitted information concerning online applications for admissions for GRU to Xap.
  • Incorporating ASU colleges into Faculty Reporting process.
  • Continuing discussions on marketing and recruiting for GRU.
  • Created process flow for admissions application processing for GRU.

Academic Programs Work Team Update

  • Created inventory of all programs.
  • Working to align all academic policies and programs.
  • Developing the consolidated New U General Catalog.  Determined that Acalog provides best value for New U General Catalog delivery.  Target deadline is to be ready for launch at the time of consolidation.
  • Determined that General Catalog responsibility should be moved out of Registrar’s Office sphere of responsibility, and should be managed by someone on the faculty side of curriculum development.
  • Created curriculum change policy.
  • Drafted consolidated ARSA policies 2.02 (Centers and Institutes), 2.06 (Certificate Programs), 2.08 (Change in Name of Program), 2.13 (Curriculum Change), 2.13 (Student Concerns with Educational Experiences).

Consolidation Update: August 30, 2012

Recent items from the Consolidation Action Team:

  • All critical vacancies submitted for 8/13 review were approved.
  • Endorsed decision to use Acalog system for consolidated academic catalog.
  • Approved the following common core statements:
    1. New students complete the new core. During the transition year, it is recommended the ASU core requirements be utilized until a joint faculty senate is established and formal discussions occur regarding proposed revisions.
    2. Transfer students within the USG follow the current USG policies concerning core transfer.  This includes completing the minimum number of hours in each Area within the core from the list of courses and the program specific requirements.
    3. Transfer students external to the USG, follow the current USG policies concerning core transfer (treated the same as if within USG)
  • The bookstore on the current ASU campus will be named the “Jagstore.”
  • An updated list of priority IT projects was reviewed. Top items included:
    • Xitracs (accreditation)
    • Banner consolidation (student information)
    • Unified identity & access management
    • Domain name updates
    • Consolidated security business processes
    • PeopleSoft consolidation (human resources)
    • Badge/card system consolidation
    • Email consolidation
    • Classroom & event scheduling
    • Network/server infrastructure consolidation
    • Digital signage consolidation