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PaCE work team report for Nov. 16th

PaCE Division of Professional and Community Education (formerly the division of Continuing Education)

  • ASU and GHSU CE work team leaders have submitted unit plan and goals
  • ASU and GHSU CE work team leaders and Dr. Cibirka met in re: strategic planning
  • Met with English faculty re: planning new creative writing conference
  • ASU and GHSU CE work team leaders met with Hull College of Business faculty re: planning Dental practice management series
  • Met with Dr. Kathleen McKie re: planning for presentation skills, pronunciation, accent reduction classes for medical students speaking English as a Second Language
  • ASU PaCE created schedule of Chinese language and culture programs for spring 2013, and identified several Chinese instructors and faculty members to teach these courses.  A full year schedule has been tentatively planned.
  • Owens and Moore were notified 2 certificate programs have been approved by local Workforce Investment Board .  Registration will begin in December.
  • ASU PaCE certificate programs have moved to next step for certification by VA. Final certification is scheduled by end of year.
  • Owens attended annual LERN conference.
  • ASU and GHSU CE work team leaders will begin to identify strategic suspects and prospects for contract training, grants and sponsor funding.
  • Begin to analyze staff work effort in order to shift certain operations tasks from programmers and sales force.
  • Put together preliminary list of needs for new consolidated website.

Division of Professional & Community Education Work Team Update

Formerly the Continuing Education Work Team

  • Recommended the new name to allow capture of military stipends/revenue for professional development.
  • Working on a strategic and financial plan for growth of the program.
  • Dr. Michael Bankey, Consultant from Owens Community College, submitted his report to work team leaders and the Vice Provost. Several of his recommendations are already in progress.
  • ASU and GHSU Divisions of Professional and Community Education (PACE) discussed ways to embrace Chinese language and culture and to establish a collaborative relationship with several Chinese universities as well as several local societies and associations promoting Chinese culture.
  • ASU Pa CE submitted certificate programs for certification by VA.
  • Per consultation with IT, maintain two registration systems for short-term.  Will outline plan for migration to one system.  Work with IT and work team to move forward including obtaining costs from vendor, needs assessment for data conversion.

Consolidation Update: June 13

Recent developments:

  • The Legal Affairs work team has developed a “crosswalk” table to illustrate the relationship of policies at ASU, GHSU, and Board of Regents. The table will be distributed to work teams for review and ultimately for assignment to adapt or reconcile policies for the new university.
  • The Facilities work team is preparing a brief survey to inform the process of planning and assigning space for consolidated units. The survey will be distributed to co-chairs of all work teams within the next week.
  • Our continuing education units will consolidate into the Division of Professional and Community Education, which will include the departments of Professional Studies, Workforce Development, Health Care Continuing Education, and Community Education.