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Faculty Affairs Work Team Update

  • Drafted consolidated ARSA policies 7.01 (academic leave), 7.06 (distinguished faculty titles), 7.25 (removal of faculty), 7.26 (suspension of faculty), and assisted with development of faculty development, promotion & tenure policies 7.13.1 (recruitment), 7.13.2 (appointment), 7.13.3 (classification), and 7.13.4 (faculty review and professional development).
  • Both the Faculty Affairs and Academic Programs Workgroups have worked closely with the Faculty Governance Workgroup to ensure a good fit between the emergent faculty governance structure and processes, and policy draft documents.
  • Working with other work teams to develop a consolidated policy library.

Admissions-Records Work Team Update

  • Continuing to consolidate the ASU/GHSU catalogs.
  • Testing the Banner Student Systems.
  • Meeting regarding guidelines for dual programs.
  • Working with consultant to begin development of GRU diploma.
  • Submitted information concerning online applications for admissions for GRU to Xap.
  • Incorporating ASU colleges into Faculty Reporting process.
  • Continuing discussions on marketing and recruiting for GRU.
  • Created process flow for admissions application processing for GRU.

Institutional Effectiveness Work Teams Update

Accreditation Support Work Team

  • Developed full draft of Prospectus, facilitated review, and submitted to SACS in late September.
  • Beginning work on the Substantive Change Report and future Site Visit

Strategic Planning Work Team

  • Working with the Strategic Planning Council to draft and socialize the New U strategic plan.

Institutional Research Work Team

  • Provided support for the data to be included in the Prospectus.
  • Exploring reporting requirements across all both universities currently and planning  for GRU.

Assessment Work Team

  • Met with all ASU Deans and conducted 9 assessment workshops on both campuses where with approximately 60 participants.
  • Set FY13 unit planning due dates for goals, tactics and expected outcomes as September 30, 2012.
  • Working with Promotion & Tenure team to refine the purpose of the course evaluation so that appropriate questions can be determined.
  • Reviewing Faculty Evaluation of Administrators differences between the two universities.

Faculty Credentialing Work Team

  • Received all alternative justifications.
  • Completing the data entry of all alternative justifications, run reports, load into Xitracs.
  • Developing ongoing management process.