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FAQ updated

The Frequently Asked Question section has been updated with new human resources related questions and answers and will continue to be updated as we move into the final stages of pre-consolidation.

Check back regularly for answers to your questions.  And if you don’t see an answer to your question, please use the submit a question function and ask!

Will there be a new employee handbook and policies that I need to learn?

Yes. We are updating the employee handbook and policies for the new University. The employee handbook will be available on the human resources website and the policies for Georgia Regents University will be included in the official policy library. The Handbook will be posted after January 1, 2013.

We hope the above information will be useful to you as we transition forward to become Georgia Regents University.  We also recognize that we may not have addressed all of the questions that you may have.  Please feel free to send additional questions to anyone listed in this notice and we will post the questions and answers as part of these FAQs which are now on the consolidation website.

What if I have an employee who resigns and is leaving the University? How will the clearance process be handled?

For any employee who is leaving before the official date of consolidation of January 8th, they should follow the existing process for the employer of the employee who is leaving.  For employees leaving Augusta State, because the current Human Resources team at Augusta State University is relocating to the Health Sciences campus during the week of December 17th, the HR offices in the Annex building on the corner of Walton Way and 15th Street will the location for any employee to complete the clearance process.  If you know of employees in your department who are leaving, please provide the name and the separation date to Walt Alexanderson and Patricia Riley at walexanderson@aug.edu and priley@georgiahealth.edu as soon as possible.  They will coordinate to ensure the staff at the Annex location are ready to assist you during this time of transition.   To make an appointment for your employee to clear, you may also contact the benefits office at 706-721-3770.

How will my employees’ work hours be recorded?

As you may have learned from the open forums that were conducted at ASU in November, we will be using a system called TimeNet to record hours worked and any leave – annual/vacation, sick, holidays, etc. – that employees may take.  Hourly paid employees who are paid every two weeks will use the TimeNet system to clock in at the beginning of the work day and clock out at the end of the workday. Employees will also use the system to clock out at lunch/meal break and clock back in upon their return from their lunch/meal break.  This system will replace ADP for timekeeping purposes for our ASU colleagues and Timeware for the Georgia Health Sciences University employees.  TimeNet will ensure accurate recording of all hours worked and employees will be paid based on the time recorded.  Employees will be able to request leave on-line and the system will route any request(s) for leave directly to the employee’s supervisor for approval. Once approved and taken, the leave will be recorded.  Employees will also be able to see current leave balances in the system.  The “Go Live” schedule for TimeNet has been adjusted as follows:

December 23 – January 5:  All hourly paid ASU employees will begin using TimeNet during this pay period.  Employees will begin to record hours worked in using the new system either by using a badge reader or your personal computer at your normal workstation.  The first paycheck based on hours through the new system will be issued on Friday, January 11, 2013.  We have made a conscious decision to only have our ASU employees using the system during this initial two-week period so that we can devote our effort to validating all data for the first payroll.

January 20 – February 2:  All hourly paid GHSU employees will begin using TimeNet during this pay period.  Employees will begin to record hours worked in using the new system either by using a badge reader or your personal computer at your normal workstation.  Employee’s first paycheck based on hours through the new system will be issued on Friday, February 8, 2013.  From this point forward, all University hourly paid employees will be using the new system.

What will the standard operating hours be for Georgia Regents University?

The Board of Regents’ policy on “Workweek and Overtime” in the Human Resources Administrative Practices Manual states, “Institutions of the University System of Georgia shall establish a standard workweek of forty (40) hours and abide by the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act. The distribution of hours throughout the week shall be a matter of scheduling left to the individual institution.”

Georgia Regents University’s standard operating hours for administrative offices will be Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., which allows for a one hour meal break. In addition, it is recognized that work schedules may need to vary according to the operational needs of departments on each campus. Some areas must be staffed around the clock, and employees in these areas may work rotating shifts. Thus, working hours may be scheduled to satisfy the operational needs of the department you lead.  Directors should establish work schedules with the approval of your Vice President.  After consultation with your Vice President, you may also offer work schedules for employees that begin before 8:00 a.m. and end after 5:00 p.m. under our telework/flextime policy.   Please refer to the Telework/Flextime policy to guidance which may be found at (enter website here ) which is consistent with the Board of Regents policy on this topic.

What if my department would benefit from training, team building or other programs that would improve performance?

The Workforce Development section of Human Resources, headed by Connie Sutton, will be the resource to serve these needs.  This HR team provides training and development programs, covering everything from customer service and computer applications, to team building and supervisory classes.  For a complete list of programs, see the course catalog at (enter website here).  The team will also provide specialized programming to meet departmental needs, so feel free to contact Connie Sutton at csutton@georgiahealth.edu and/or 706-721-7623 to discuss your specific needs.

What if my employees have questions about their pay from Georgia Regents University?

All employees will be paid using the PeopleSoft Human Resources Management System.  For current employees of GHSU, they will not see any change.

For our ASU colleagues, PeopleSoft will replace ADP for human resources, benefits and payroll purposes. Hopefully, since ASU previously used PeopleSoft until 2009, there will some employees who are familiar with the PeopleSoft System. For our ASU colleagues may have joined ASU after the conversion to ADP, please refer them to the communication that was distributed on Thursday, December 13th, that provided detailed information on accessing PeopleSoft to view their check/direct deposit advice.

Specific questions may be directed to the Payroll office which is located in the basement of the Annex Building located at the corner of Walton Way and 15th Street on the Health Sciences campus.  The key contacts in payroll are:

David Cartledge, Director of Payroll, 706-721-2763
Eddie Yates, Payroll Supervisor, 706-721-9409

What if I have an employee who is not performing or has other problematic workplace behaviors, i.e. absenteeism?

Debra Arnold is the Director of Employee Relations and she works with managers when there are issues with employees that need to be addressed. Debra may be reached at darnold@georgiahealth.edu or 706-721-6197, and will provide guidance and assistance while also ensuring we follow university policies around performance and disciplinary action.

Managers are responsible for the performance of their employees and must ensure employees are meeting expectations. Please contact Debra should the need arise.

What if I have an employee who has questions/concerns about their employment?

Employees should always follow the chain of command first. Therefore, the immediate supervisor is expected to attempt answer any questions your employees may have.   If the immediate supervisor is not able to provide answers, questions may be directed to the next level, which may be you. Please encourage the supervisors under you to bring questions to you first.  You or your supervisors may also contact HR directly.  The point of contact in HR will depend on the nature of the question from your employee and the list below may help.

When you are not sure of the contact, you may contact Debra Arnold, the Director of Employee Relations, and she will either assist you personally or identify the right contact for you.