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Badging/Campus Card work team report for Nov. 16th

  • Completed tour of ASU access system with Johnson Controls.
  • Completed tour of GHSU and GHSMC access systems with CBORD.
  • Working with CBORD and JCI to receive quotes for system migration.
  • Preparing for ASU’s move to PeopleSoft in January—verify all known card systems will continue to work properly.
  • Continuing funding research.
  • Researching best methods for rebadging, how students will receive badges, lanyard options, etc.
  • Determining to what extent Banner migration will affect current CBORD and Johnson Controls databases.  To create action plan to maintain interface links that could be broken.

Consolidation Update: October 3, 2012

Recent items from the Consolidation Action Team:

  • In response to faculty, staff, and student feedback on the proposed ID badge policy, CAT members discussed and evaluated policies at other universities. The CAT decided to eliminate the requirement that badges be displayed at all times on the current ASU campus. Badges should still be carried on your person, and must still be worn at all times on the current GHSU campus.
  • Recommended items for inclusion in the first of a series of “Transition Forward” dialogs. This first session will include a cross section of individuals who are actively engaged in the consolidation process.
  • Reviewed a package of materials designed to facilitate work team efforts to develop policies for the new university.

The next open forum is scheduled for October 15.

Consolidation Update: July 19

Recent developments:

  • Names submitted to BOR – The Consolidation Working Group presented its final three choices for the name of the new university to the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia. The Regents are expected to make the final naming decision at their August meeting.
  • Prospectus status – The CAT reviewed drafts of the faculty and financial sections of the prospectus in preparation to deliver a complete draft to the Deans on July 27.
  • USG Facilities site visit  – The University System of Georgia Real Estate and Facilities office toured ASU and GHSU, and met with our Facilities Work Team on July 11 and 12 to gain a better understanding of the existing resources and future needs of the consolidated university. This was the beginning of an ongoing dialog to inform plans for infrastructure to support the growth of our academic, clinical and research enterprises.
  • Fees – The CAT endorsed a proposal from the Tuition & Fees Work Team for discussion with the Student Government Associations.
  • Jag Card – The uniform identification and access card for students, faculty, and staff will be called the Jag Card.

Consolidation Update: June 20

Recent developments:

  • College names- The process of determining a name for the new university continues, but the names of our degree-granting colleges have been determined:College of Allied Health Sciences
    College of Dental Medicine
    College of Education
    College of Graduate Studies
    College of Nursing
    College of Science and Mathematics
    James M. Hull College of Business
    Katherine Reese Pamplin College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
    Medical College of Georgia
    University College
  • ID badges – To facilitate interaction between faculty, staff and students, and to provide access to buildings and resources, identification badges will be required at all campus locations.
  • Prospectus status – Drafts of several sections of the SACS prospectus are in progress, and we are on track to deliver a complete draft to the Deans on July 27

Consolidation update, June 6

Recent developments:

  • In preparation for consolidation, the HR work team has determined that ASU personnel records, human resources functions (like recruiting, benefits enrollment, etc.) and payroll functions will be converted from the information management system presently in use at ASU (ADP through the USG Shared Services Center) to the GHSU information system which is based on the PeopleSoft Human Capital Management system.
  • During the fall 2012 open enrollment period, a new benefits package will be offered. While the medical plans and dental plan offered by the Board of Regents will remain as they are now, Human Resources plans to take advantage of our larger size to obtain increased benefits with better pricing. We anticipate that the fall 2012 open enrollment for benefits elections will likely be facilitated through the new system in anticipation of the consolidation approval by SACS COC in December.
  • The first payroll of January 2013 will be within the consolidated system of the new university. More details about employee self-service and electronic workflow for departments will be presented throughout the remainder of the calendar year.
  • The Consolidation Action Team endorsed recommendations from the Strategic Planning Work Team to form a Strategic Planning Council to review draft proposals of the strategic plan. Council members will be selected by the work team to ensure broad-based representation.
  • A work team was added to focus on campus ID badging
  • The Branding Work Team is preparing to circulate a list of six possible names for the new university in mid-June. Faculty, staff, students, Alumni and community members will be asked to rank the names in their order of preference through an online form.