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Institutional Effectiveness work team report for Nov. 16th

  • Implemented a transition and joint appointment plan for IE staff and workload of both institutions.  Two staff relocated from the Summerville campus to the Health Sciences campus on 10/19/12.
  • Accreditation Support
    • Received, reviewed and approved all alternative justifications for the Faculty Roster.
    • Completed the Prospectus for the SACS COC. (9/26/12)
    • Launching the 2nd phase of the SACS COC readiness project for the SACS Report & Visit.  We anticipate that the report will be due in early July 2013 and the site visit will be conducted in early September 2013.
  • Strategic Planning
    • The Strategic Planning Council (chaired by Drs. Clark & Inscho) finalized a draft of the Transition Forward Strategic Plan.  The Work Team (chaired by Ray Whiting & Joe Thornton) will review the plan in more detail with the academic, research & clinical leaders to prepare a draft that will be presented to the entire GRU community of faculty, staff, and students in January 2013.  Feedback (through mid-February) will be incorporated for review by the Senior Leadership.  The endorsement of our first Strategic Plan is necessary for FY14 Annual Unit planning cycle which begins in late March ’13.
  • Institutional Research
    • Coordinating IPEDS reporting for Fall ’12 and FY12 given that due dates for some of the sections fall into calendar year 2013 (after consolidation).
    • Supported the data collection & aggregation for the Faculty Credentials roster included in the Prospectus.
    • Managing multiple report requests of enrollment management and workforce for internal audiences.
    • Traveled to Athens on 8/30 to meet with USG and other IR & operational unit reps (Registrars, Financial Aid Directors, Faculty Events staff) from the other institutions undergoing consolidation to discuss academic datamart reporting for the remainder of this academic year (AY12-13).
      • DECISION:  All institutions will report separately to the BOR for Fall ’12, Spring and Summary ’13.
    • DECISION:  Determined not to participate in the Delaware Study/The National Study of Instructional Costs and Productivity in Jan ’13 (for Fall ’11 faculty data & FY12 budget data).  Recommendation:  Review opportunity to participate in January ’15 for Fall ’13 and FY14.
  • Assessment
    • Received the majority of the FY13 unit planning goals, tactics and expected outcomes from both campuses.
    • Transcribing the ASU academic programs’ Student Learning Objectives into Taskstream for the academic program coordinators’ review & submission of changes for Academic Year 2014.
    • Scheduling a meeting in January with representatives from each College to design GRUA’s course evaluation process & standard questions which would be implemented in Fall ’13.
    • Waiting for the faculty governance work team to recommend refinements to the Faculty Evaluation of Administrators process & instrument.
    • DECISION:  Determined that we would not participate in the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) survey until the Spring ’14. http://nsse.iub.edu/html/about.cfm

High-level organization charts for the new university

The following high-level organization charts for the new university were included in the prospectus recently sent to the SACS Commission on Colleges. They reflect only the senior administration organizational level as required for the prospectus. More comprehensive charts will be distributed as reporting relationships are approved and verified at department and unit levels.

High-level organization chart for the new university
Click image for a high-level organization chart for the new university


Consolidation Update: September 19, 2012

Recent items from the Consolidation Action Team:

  • The Strategic Planning Council is in the process of evaluating goals and objectives prior to circulating a first draft of the proposed plan for feedback.
  • Reviewed feedback from the Consolidation Working Group on the draft prospectus, and recommended additional revisions. Final draft to be sent to SACS COC no later than October 1.
  • Received updates on efforts to unify the HR employee records system. Process is well underway.
  • Received updates on space planning. The facilities team is on track to provide a plan by early December.


The next open forum is scheduled for October 15.

Institutional Effectiveness Work Teams Update

Accreditation Support Work Team

  • Developed full draft of Prospectus, facilitated review, and submitted to SACS in late September.
  • Beginning work on the Substantive Change Report and future Site Visit

Strategic Planning Work Team

  • Working with the Strategic Planning Council to draft and socialize the New U strategic plan.

Institutional Research Work Team

  • Provided support for the data to be included in the Prospectus.
  • Exploring reporting requirements across all both universities currently and planning  for GRU.

Assessment Work Team

  • Met with all ASU Deans and conducted 9 assessment workshops on both campuses where with approximately 60 participants.
  • Set FY13 unit planning due dates for goals, tactics and expected outcomes as September 30, 2012.
  • Working with Promotion & Tenure team to refine the purpose of the course evaluation so that appropriate questions can be determined.
  • Reviewing Faculty Evaluation of Administrators differences between the two universities.

Faculty Credentialing Work Team

  • Received all alternative justifications.
  • Completing the data entry of all alternative justifications, run reports, load into Xitracs.
  • Developing ongoing management process.

Consolidation Update: August 2

Recent developments:

  • An initial draft of the prospectus was provided to the Deans on Friday. The University System of Georgia consultant is also providing input, and we are continuing to refine the document.
  • Consolidation progress by the numbers:
    • 54 Work Teams
    • 30 sub-teams
    • Engagement of more than 300 work team members
    • 70 planning documents developed & continually updated with analysis, deliverables, and timelines
    • More than 700 documents filed
    • More than 500 work team meetings held
    • Policy crosswalk completed with 21 teams providing input
    • 86 versions of organization charts submitted and reviewed by the Consolidation Action Team
    • More than 200 status reports provided
    • More than 550 tasks reviewed through the University System of Georgia Consolidation Tracker
    • Held 10 Open Forums on consolidation
    • Two sessions of Change and Transition Management held for Work Team leadership, and additional sessions are being scheduled for faculty and administrators.
  • In order to accommodate guests with the limited seating available for the spring commencement ceremony, students graduating in December must participate in the December ceremony. They will not have the option to take part in the spring ceremony.
  • December commencement ceremonies for 2013 will be held in the Bell Auditorium. Subsequent May and December ceremonies will be held in the James Brown Arena.