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Information Technology work teams report for Nov. 16th

Core Team

  • Work continued on the consolidation timelines for critical information systems and services.  Timelines are being refined as additional information and resources are identified.
  • Worked with Human Resources to communicate to the employees who will have their IDs changed for consolidation purposes. Both campuses are in the process of changing the IDs for the duplicate employees.
  • Worked with Human Resources to communicate instructions for Open Enrollment of the ASU employees in the PeopleSoft SoftServ system at GHSU.  Organized a method with the GHSU Service Desk to address the needs of resetting passwords for employees.
  • Continue working with the IT Consolidation Work Sub-Teams and other Consolidation Work Teams on timelines relating to the consolidated Program of Service listing.
  • Continue to work with the IT Consolidation Work Sub-Teams on identifying dependencies and relationships of services and their supporting components on the consolidated Program of Service listing.

Endpoint Services & Support Work Team

  • Continued testing programs and services on the newly connected inter-campus network.  We will continue to address exceptions or problems as they are discovered.
  • Continued working on the ServiceNow work management system implementation.  All workshops and technical requirements meetings have been completed.  We are now working with Maryville to build our instance of ServiceNow for testing and deployment.
  • Provided support to the ASU campus for Benefits Open Enrollment in the GHSU instance of PeopleSoft.
  • Continued work between both institutions’ IT Service Desk and Field Support teams to make sure we are able to support any transitioning of employees.
  • Continue the building and testing phases of the ServiceNow work management system.
  • Make sure the move for the Nursing department is scheduled and the information needed for a successful transition is in place.
  • Continue to work on cross training and preparation of both campus Service Desks to meet the needs of any customer seeking assistance.
  • Continue working with individuals identified as being duplicates that will need new account IDs for consolidation purposes.

Enterprise & Departmental Systems (E&D) Work Team

  • The Banner Consolidation team continues to work with Ellucian on the database conversion project.  The actual data conversion is now underway.
  • Planning and analysis continues for re-implementing Banner customizations and interfaces.
  • HR continues to load (ASU) data into PS HR (delays due to Open Enrollment).
  • Working on interfaces between GHSU PS Human Resources and ASU Finance.
  • The combined campus Enterprise Systems staff attended work group meetings for Financial Aid, Human Resources, Public Safety, ID Badge Team, Faculty Credentials, and Tuition and Fees.
  • The combined functional & technical team for the Student Information System (Banner) project is working to identify GHSU/ASU specific tasks that will need to be done outside of what Ellucian will be handling. Those tasks will be added to the Banner project plan and prioritized.
  • Continue planning Banner database environment for support of the final production instance.
  • Continue planning CampusEAI upgrade and re-implementation project.

Infrastructure & Communications Work Team

  • Started the process of renaming duplicate accounts in both the GHSU and ASU directories. Work continues to put a process in place to prevent future duplicate account ID’s from being created.
  • Purged ~14,000 inactive user accounts in an effort to reduce the number of users having duplicate user accounts.  This will have a significant impact on users required to change existing user ID’s.
  • Microsoft Envisioning process has been delayed due to consultant availability.  The new scheduled start date is November 26, 2012.
  • Testing of cross-site file sharing is complete.  Processes for supporting this resource need to be addressed.
  • Testing of network functionality between the Downtown and Summerville campuses continues.
  • AD/IDM envisioning engagement with Microsoft has been delayed till November 26th.
  • Develop plans for adding ASU to GHSU Service Desk’s contact center application.
  • Develop plans to support cross-site file sharing.
  • Continue efforts to evaluate options related to consolidation of email infrastructure.  Options include:
    • Office 365 (cloud hosted) for enterprise
    • Exchange (on-premise) for enterprise
    • Hybrid environment with all students in Office 365 (cloud hosted) and all faculty/staff/etc. on premise
    • Hybrid environment of the current ASU Live@Edu and GHS Exchange. (not optional for customer service and support model)
  • Continue rename of duplicate accounts in preparation for email and directory migrations.

Instructional Technology Services & Support Work Team

  • Desire2Learn LMS project is underway with colleges at GHSU to determine their migration strategy and go live date. The schedule for reimplementation of ASU into the NewU LMS is being developed.
  • NewU Mobile Suite implementation team charge has been developed and reviewed at executive level; resources identified; vendor engaged; and go-live goal of January 30, 2013.
  • ASU/GHSU Nursing Consolidation and Move –
    • Instructional Space: We have determined that the Health Sciences building will accommodate the Nursing classes per their schedule provided through the end of FY13 without having to add new distance learning technologies, or moving any Allied Health classes. We are working with Facilities to identify some additional requirements by Nursing including having power to the desktops to support their laptop requirement.
    • Scheduling of Classes: We are working with CON and the Registrar’s office to determine how to schedule the ASU nursing classes in the Health Sciences building given the two Banner systems. Meetings are scheduled for next week to develop a plan of action to address
  • Continue to identify and plan for the Instructional systems that will need to be consolidated and further refine timeline.
  • Continue to work with the College of Nursing and Registrar on the planning and implementation of the Nursing move in January and the curricular support needs in Fall 2013 and beyond.
  • Continue to work with Media Services leadership on the consolidation with Instructional & Research Systems.
  • Continue to work with HR on NewU organization, job descriptions, titling & taxonomy for Instructional & Research Systems.

NewU Domain Work Team

  • While the marketing name of the new enterprise will be Georgia Regents University Augusta, the domain name will remain GRU.edu as registered with EDUCAUSE.
  • The BOR make an announcement January 8, 2013 regarding GRU. Email usage of GRU.edu by both ASU and GHSU is targeted for January 9, 2013 as will be a limited number of externally facing web pages. Then a phased rollout of project implementation will occur over the following months through August 28, 2013 and perhaps longer if an extension is needed with EDUCAUSE.
  • GRU logos are anticipated in mid-December.
  • ASU has cloned the environment of the new CampusEAI portal version where rebranding work will occur. Tentatively the production environment is named “Paws”.
  • The Microsoft contracts do not renew until July, and we will still be running with parallel names at that point. Teams are meeting and are prepared to implement. No server name changes will be necessary at this time. The Hospital AD domain will be used by the enterprise as we move forward.
  • An environment has been stood up for the GRU.edu web presence.
  • Obtain estimates for vendor work from Huron for IRB, D2L for Desire2Learn, and other know vendors that will need to make changes for NewU Domain.
  • Investigating the work needed for iTunes U.  GHSU currently does not require authentication for iTunes U, but ASU does. The recommendation has come back to set up a new site and migrate both GHSU and ASU. Once the new site is setup, timing will be critical as there will only be 45 days to make any changes in terms of authentication.

Security Services Work Team

  • Gained approval for the Mobile Device and Remote Access Policy and awareness strategy for the new enterprise.  The objective is to define the policy and guidelines for the authorization, connectivity, use, storage, and transmission of ASU/GHS data and information systems when using mobile devices and/or use of computers outside of the enterprise’s protected network.
  • Continued working through the enterprise-wide risk assessment process with the scope to include all ASU and GHS entities.  Current ServiceNow project should provide additional clarity on inventory of campus and
    hospital information systems and resources.
  • Develop strategy to expand existing GHSU PCI Network Architecture to include Summerville campus.
  • Expand SecureWorks network monitoring to Summerville campus.
  • Develop Password Policy communications for ASU campus similar to GHS.  The password policy changes are necessary for the consolidation of the identity and access management process.
  • Work with ASU Human Resources and IT Services to complete the listing of Security Authorities for new departments created in GHSU’s PeopleSoft HRMS for ASU.
  • Continue to work on enterprise-wide risk assessment.

School of Nursing upcoming events schedule

Following are upcoming events for the School of Nursing:

  • ASU Welcome Day – November 29: will provide tours and program overview for ASU nursing students.
  • Joint Faculty Meeting – November 30: will discuss operational policies/guidelines.
  • Move Day – December 19 – for ASU nursing faculty: company will move faculty supplies into assigned offices.
  • Faculty Orientation – January 3, 7, and 8 – for ASU faculty: will provide detailed overview of operations, programs, and technology.
  • Student Orientation – January 8: will provide detailed overview of College structure, courses and policies.

Nursing work team report for Nov. 16th

  • Submitted proposed curriculum to the Provost’s Office and Board of Nursing for review/approval.
  • Began orienting faculty to the new D2L learning system.
  • Activated committee to review/revise College bylaws.

Following are upcoming events for the School of Nursing:

  • ASU Welcome Day – November 29: will provide tours and program overview for ASU nursing students.
  • Joint Faculty Meeting – November 30: will discuss operational policies/guidelines.
  • Move Day – December 19 – for ASU nursing faculty: company will move faculty supplies into assigned offices.
  • Faculty Orientation – January 3, 7, and 8 – for ASU faculty: will provide detailed overview of operations, programs, and technology.
  • Student Orientation – January 8: will provide detailed overview of College structure, courses and policies.

Nursing Work Team Update

  • Holding weekly team meetings and monthly meetings with the Provosts and affected Deans.
  • Completed/published the new admission requirements for the GRU BSN program.
  • Completed the proposed curriculum for the GRU BSN program.
  • Held faculty forums and meetings to gather input and feedback on the proposed curriculum.
  • Obtained ASU faculty approval and CON faculty approval of the proposed curriculum for the GRU BSN program.
  • Completed/submitted substantive change report to the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLN AC).
  • Held two webinars for prospective students and established a monthly webinar schedule for the remainder of 2012.
  • Developed/activated a detailed plan for moving ASU nursing employees to the downtown campus in December.
  • Begin working with Classroom Services to plan for increased nursing student enrollment.
  • Added IT Subgroup to manage technology issues and coordinate any required training.
  • Obtained Net IDs for ASU nursing faculty and staff.
  • Will hold third webinar to discuss admissions guidelines and process for prospective BSN students.
  • Will old second Welcome Day for students who will transition to the downtown campus in January.
  • Will move ASU nursing faculty to the Health Sciences Building.
  • Continuing work to align the CON post-Consolidation structure.
  • Mapping/costing-out enrollment scenario for the GRU BSN program.
  • Preparing for NLNAC site visit.
  • Determining teaching, clinical and simulation needs to support projected enrollment.
  • Mapping out program leadership for the existing and new undergraduate programs during the undergraduate teach-out.
  • Designing and implementing supportive environments and services for ASU nursing employees during the move.