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Will there be a new employee handbook and policies that I need to learn?

Yes. We are updating the employee handbook and policies for the new University. The employee handbook will be available on the human resources website and the policies for Georgia Regents University will be included in the official policy library. The Handbook will be posted after January 1, 2013.

We hope the above information will be useful to you as we transition forward to become Georgia Regents University.  We also recognize that we may not have addressed all of the questions that you may have.  Please feel free to send additional questions to anyone listed in this notice and we will post the questions and answers as part of these FAQs which are now on the consolidation website.

Consolidation Update: October 3, 2012

Recent items from the Consolidation Action Team:

  • In response to faculty, staff, and student feedback on the proposed ID badge policy, CAT members discussed and evaluated policies at other universities. The CAT decided to eliminate the requirement that badges be displayed at all times on the current ASU campus. Badges should still be carried on your person, and must still be worn at all times on the current GHSU campus.
  • Recommended items for inclusion in the first of a series of “Transition Forward” dialogs. This first session will include a cross section of individuals who are actively engaged in the consolidation process.
  • Reviewed a package of materials designed to facilitate work team efforts to develop policies for the new university.

The next open forum is scheduled for October 15.

Legal Work Team Update

  • The GHSU Legal Office has begun to advise ASU leadership, and to meet with various ASU constituencies, as part of our plan to serve the integrated university better by knowing all its parts. 
  • Developed comprehensive crosswalk of policies for GHSU, ASU, and USG and distributed for comment to the other work teams.
  • Reconciling the policies assigned to Legal, and monitoring overall progress of policy updates.

Consolidation Update: June 20

Recent developments:

  • College names- The process of determining a name for the new university continues, but the names of our degree-granting colleges have been determined:College of Allied Health Sciences
    College of Dental Medicine
    College of Education
    College of Graduate Studies
    College of Nursing
    College of Science and Mathematics
    James M. Hull College of Business
    Katherine Reese Pamplin College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
    Medical College of Georgia
    University College
  • ID badges – To facilitate interaction between faculty, staff and students, and to provide access to buildings and resources, identification badges will be required at all campus locations.
  • Prospectus status – Drafts of several sections of the SACS prospectus are in progress, and we are on track to deliver a complete draft to the Deans on July 27

Consolidation Update: June 13

Recent developments:

  • The Legal Affairs work team has developed a “crosswalk” table to illustrate the relationship of policies at ASU, GHSU, and Board of Regents. The table will be distributed to work teams for review and ultimately for assignment to adapt or reconcile policies for the new university.
  • The Facilities work team is preparing a brief survey to inform the process of planning and assigning space for consolidated units. The survey will be distributed to co-chairs of all work teams within the next week.
  • Our continuing education units will consolidate into the Division of Professional and Community Education, which will include the departments of Professional Studies, Workforce Development, Health Care Continuing Education, and Community Education.

Will the consolidated campus be non-smoking?

As GHSU is a smoke free campus, will the consolidated campus be non-smoking as well? OR will we have some parts of the campus smoke free while others are allowed to smoke? OR will we simply revert back to a “smoker-friendly” environment?

Evaluation of the tobacco-free campus policy has been assigned to the HR work team. They are working in collaboration with the facilities work team in considering needs and expectations at both campuses, and studying similar policies at other universities. At this time, a determination has not yet been made.