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Promotion & Tenure Work Team Update

  • Developed and currently socializing the following:
    • Committee timeline
    • Tenure process
    • Promotion process
    • Promotion & Tenure Appeal process
  • College level and department level P&T committee composition and operational guidelines were edited and approved by CAT.
  • Will be discussing and reviewing P&T portfolio requirements.
  • Will be discussing with deans on approval of college level P&T documents.
  • Developing a for research infrastructure to support the scholarship mission.
  • Developing processes for post-tenure review and pre-tenure review.
  • Establishing categories for “effort reporting.”
  • Establishing the linkage between effort reporting, annual reviews and P&T.

Consolidation Update: September 28, 2012

Recent items from the Consolidation Action Team:

    • The consolidated organizational charts are now available: Org Charts
    • The following names were approved for IT systems:
      • E-mail JagMail
        Domain Account JagID
        Portal PAWS (Portal and Web Services)
        Wireless JagWiFi
        LMS JagLMS
        Student Information System Pounce (TBD)
        Web Advisement Tool JagTrax
        Student Home Directory JagDrive (will use “J:” if possible)
        Printing PawPrint$
        Mobile Suite JagMobile
  • A recommendation was made to provide more focused information, with an emphasis on current consolidation efforts and progress and topics of interest, at open forums.
  • A proposal from the Promotion and Tenure work team was approved. The proposal includes a timeline, tenure process, promotion process, and an appeal process. Standards and policies are still being drafted.


The next open forum is scheduled for October 15.

Promotion and/or tenure in this next cycle (2012-2013)

Will faculty members eligible for promotion and/or tenure in this next cycle (2012-2013) be subject to new P&T policies and procedures?

No. The 2012-2013 P&T cycle will proceed according to each university’s current policies and procedures.

Even though the actual promotion and tenure actions on July 1, 2013, will occur after consolidation and creation of the new university, all GHSU faculty will be considered according to current GHSU policies and procedures, and all ASU faculty will be considered according to current ASU policies and procedures.