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Institutional Effectiveness work team report for Nov. 16th

  • Implemented a transition and joint appointment plan for IE staff and workload of both institutions.  Two staff relocated from the Summerville campus to the Health Sciences campus on 10/19/12.
  • Accreditation Support
    • Received, reviewed and approved all alternative justifications for the Faculty Roster.
    • Completed the Prospectus for the SACS COC. (9/26/12)
    • Launching the 2nd phase of the SACS COC readiness project for the SACS Report & Visit.  We anticipate that the report will be due in early July 2013 and the site visit will be conducted in early September 2013.
  • Strategic Planning
    • The Strategic Planning Council (chaired by Drs. Clark & Inscho) finalized a draft of the Transition Forward Strategic Plan.  The Work Team (chaired by Ray Whiting & Joe Thornton) will review the plan in more detail with the academic, research & clinical leaders to prepare a draft that will be presented to the entire GRU community of faculty, staff, and students in January 2013.  Feedback (through mid-February) will be incorporated for review by the Senior Leadership.  The endorsement of our first Strategic Plan is necessary for FY14 Annual Unit planning cycle which begins in late March ’13.
  • Institutional Research
    • Coordinating IPEDS reporting for Fall ’12 and FY12 given that due dates for some of the sections fall into calendar year 2013 (after consolidation).
    • Supported the data collection & aggregation for the Faculty Credentials roster included in the Prospectus.
    • Managing multiple report requests of enrollment management and workforce for internal audiences.
    • Traveled to Athens on 8/30 to meet with USG and other IR & operational unit reps (Registrars, Financial Aid Directors, Faculty Events staff) from the other institutions undergoing consolidation to discuss academic datamart reporting for the remainder of this academic year (AY12-13).
      • DECISION:  All institutions will report separately to the BOR for Fall ’12, Spring and Summary ’13.
    • DECISION:  Determined not to participate in the Delaware Study/The National Study of Instructional Costs and Productivity in Jan ’13 (for Fall ’11 faculty data & FY12 budget data).  Recommendation:  Review opportunity to participate in January ’15 for Fall ’13 and FY14.
  • Assessment
    • Received the majority of the FY13 unit planning goals, tactics and expected outcomes from both campuses.
    • Transcribing the ASU academic programs’ Student Learning Objectives into Taskstream for the academic program coordinators’ review & submission of changes for Academic Year 2014.
    • Scheduling a meeting in January with representatives from each College to design GRUA’s course evaluation process & standard questions which would be implemented in Fall ’13.
    • Waiting for the faculty governance work team to recommend refinements to the Faculty Evaluation of Administrators process & instrument.
    • DECISION:  Determined that we would not participate in the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) survey until the Spring ’14. http://nsse.iub.edu/html/about.cfm

Institutional Effectiveness Work Teams Update

Accreditation Support Work Team

  • Developed full draft of Prospectus, facilitated review, and submitted to SACS in late September.
  • Beginning work on the Substantive Change Report and future Site Visit

Strategic Planning Work Team

  • Working with the Strategic Planning Council to draft and socialize the New U strategic plan.

Institutional Research Work Team

  • Provided support for the data to be included in the Prospectus.
  • Exploring reporting requirements across all both universities currently and planning  for GRU.

Assessment Work Team

  • Met with all ASU Deans and conducted 9 assessment workshops on both campuses where with approximately 60 participants.
  • Set FY13 unit planning due dates for goals, tactics and expected outcomes as September 30, 2012.
  • Working with Promotion & Tenure team to refine the purpose of the course evaluation so that appropriate questions can be determined.
  • Reviewing Faculty Evaluation of Administrators differences between the two universities.

Faculty Credentialing Work Team

  • Received all alternative justifications.
  • Completing the data entry of all alternative justifications, run reports, load into Xitracs.
  • Developing ongoing management process.

Consolidation strategic planning council formed

A Consolidation Strategic Planning Council was formed to develop a strategic plan for the new university.  Following is the composition and membership.


  • Dr. Charles (Skip) Clark, Dean, Katherine Reese Pamplin College of Arts & Sciences
  • Dr. Edward Inscho, Dean, School of Graduate Studies


  • Dr. Lucy Marion, Dean, School of Nursing
  • Dr. Mark Miller, Dean, Hull College of Business
  • Dr. Andrew Ballas, Dean, School of Allied Health
  • Dr. Lucinda Chance, Dean College of Education
  • Dr. Richard Callan, School of Dentistry
  • Dr. Alan MacTaggart, Chair, Department of Art
  • Dr. Julian Nussbaum, School of Medicine
  • Dr. Lillie Johnson, Chair, Department of English & F.L.
  • Dr. Kevin Frazier, other
  • Dr. Wendy Turner, IE Unit Planing Specialist
  • Shawn Vincent, Director Network Development
  • Dr. Sam Robinson, Chair Mathematics & Computer Science
  • Steven Scott, COO, MCGHI
  • Dr. Cathy Tugmon, Professor Biology
  • Phil Howard, Facilities, GHSU
  • Mickey Williford, Director of Accreditation
  • Mary Filpus-Luyckx, Director of Institutional Research
  • Mr. Cobbs Nixon, Representative from MCGHS Board
  • Dr. Bill Reese, Professor Sociology, Criminal Justice, and Social Work
  • Charles Enicks, Information Technology
  • Dr. Deborah Richardson, Director, Center for Teaching & Learning
  • Susan Barcus, Sr. VP Advancement & Community Relations/CDO
  • Ms. Helen Hendee, VP for Development and Alumni Relations
  • Dr. Roman Cibirka, VP Instruction and Enrollment
  • Ms. Katherine Sweeney, Director of Admissions & Registrar
  • Dr. Judi Wilson, Chair, Teacher Education