Consolidation Action Team

Day-to-day efforts will be led by an ASU-GHSU Consolidation Action Team with key leadership representatives from each institution. This team will be meeting weekly throughout our consolidation planning and implementation process and includes the following people:


Dr. Shirley Strum Kenny
Interim President, ASU
Dr. Ricardo Azziz
President, GHSU
Ms. Therese Rosier
Vice President for Business Operations
Mr. Phillip Howard
Vice President, Facilities Service
Dr. Carol J. Rychly
Vice President for Academic Affairs
Ms. Beth Brigdon
Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness
Ms. Kathy Schofe
Director of Public Relations and Publications
Dr. Roman Cibirka
Vice President for Instruction & Enrollment Management & Associate Provost for Academic Affairs
Dr. Ray A. Whiting
Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness & Research
Dr. Gretchen Caughman
Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost
Mr. Chip Matson
Director of Information Technology Services/Chief Information Officer
Mr. Charles Enicks
Chief Information Officer
Mr. David L. Brond
Senior Vice President of Communications & Marketing