Work teams

Work Teams were formed early in the consolidation process to provide area-specific recommendations to the Consolidation Action Team. For more details about each team, and updates on progress and recommendations made by each team, click on the team names in the table below.

Work Teams

Work Team Co-Leaders  



1. Academic Affairs

Carol Rychly

Gretchen Caughman

a. Academic Programs

Edgar Johnson

Doug Keskula

b. Academic Student Success

Mary Filpus-Luyckx

Wilma Sykes-Brown

c. Continuing Education

Denise Moore

Caro Cassels

d. Enrollment – Admissions, Records

Katherine Sweeney

Heather Metress

e. Enrollment – Financial Aid

Cynthia Parks

Carla Sullivan

f. Faculty Affairs

Peter Basciano

Pat Riley

g. Graduate Studies

Skip Clark

Patricia Cameron

h. International Programs

Maria Darley

L.D. Newman

i.  Library

Camilla Reid

Brenda Seago

j. Nursing

 Jean Pawl

Lucy Marion

k. Promotion & Tenure

Phil Smith

Carol Lefebvre

2.Administrative Services

Therese Rosier

Phil Howard

a. Auxiliary Services

i. Administration

ii. Bookstore

iii. Child Care Center

iv. Copy Center

v. Food Services

vi. Parking

vii. Transportation

viii. Vending

Karl Munschy

Dale Hartenburg

b. Facilities

Dave Freeman

Phil Howard

c. Finance

Corrina Warner

Jim Jones

i. AP & Travel

Corrina Warner

Donna Rayner

ii. Payroll

Susie Adcox

David Cartledge

iii. Bursar & Receivables

Kara Saunders

Beth Welsh

iv. PS Financials

Gordon Prettelt

Laura Craft, Pam Newman

v. Budgets

Aisha Lavin

Russ Williams

d. Human Resources

Walt Alexanderson

Susan Norton

e. Supply Chain

i. Asset Management, Surplus Property, Moving

ii. Mail Services

iii. Procurement

iv. Risk Management

v. Receiving

Karl Munschy

Clay Trover

f. Public Safety/Security

Jasper Cooke

Bill McBride

g. Tuition & Fees

Therese Rosier

Russ Williams

Work Teams

ASU – Work Team Co-Leaders – GHSU

3. Advancement and Development

Helen Hendee

Susan Barcus

4. Alumni Affairs

Rhonda Banks

Scott Henson

5. Athletics

Clint Bryant

Dale Hartenburg

6. Audit and Compliance & Risk Management, EHOS

Kathy Boyd

Jim Rush, Mike Foxman

7. Branding

Helen Hendee

Susan Barcus

8. Campus Card – ID Badging

Laurie Brannon

Steve Nunn

9. Ceremonies

Wes Zamzow

Scott Henson, Betty Meehan


10. Commencement 2013

Eddie Howard

Dale Hartenburg

11. Communications

Kathy Schofe

David Brond

12. Community Teaching & Meeting Spaces

Jennifer Smith

Michael Casdorph

13. Faculty Governance

Jeff Heck

Laura Mulloy

14 Government Affairs

Kathy Schofe

Michael Shaffer

15. Inclusion and Diversity

Walt Alexanderson

Kent Guion

16. Information Technology

Chip Matson

Charlie Enicks

a.End Point Services & Support

Janice DeLoach

Walt Ray

b.Enterprise & Departmental Systems

Bill English

Colleen Cain

c.Infrastructure & Communications

Steve Duckworth

Doogie Howser

d.Instructional Systems & Support

Maureen Akins

Michael Casdorph


Damon Armour

Walt Ray

17. Institutional Effectiveness

Ray Whiting

Beth Brigdon

a. Accreditation/Prospectus

Ray Whiting

Mickey Williford

b. Faculty Credentialing

Kathy Boyd

Mickey Williford

c. Institutional Research

Mary Filpus-Luyckx

Holly Goodson

d. Strategic Planning

Robert Bledsoe

Joe Thornton

e. Unit Planning & Assessment

Wendy Turner

Adam Wyatt

18. Legal


Ray Whiting

Andrew Newton

19.Research Administration

Kim Gray

Mark Hamrick, Sarah White

a. Clinical Research

Kim Gray

Tony Mulloy, Kathleen Miles

b. Facilities & Administrative Costs

Kim Gray

Laura Slizewski

c. IACUC/Lab Animal Services

Tadd Patton

Sarah White, David Stepp

d. Office of Human Research Protection/IRB

Kim Gray

Ivy Tillman

e. Sponsored Program Administration Pre-Award

Kim Gray

Sheree Wright

f.Sponsored Program Administration Post-Award

Kim Gray

Tammy Murrell

g. Technology Transfer

Kim Gray

Chris McKinney

20. Student Affairs

Eddie Howard

Kevin Frazier

a. Student Affairs & Development

Eddie Howard

Dale Hartenburg

b. Student Activities & Programs

Eddie Howard

Dale Hartenburg

c. Student Government

Brett Page

Caitlin Madigan

d. Student Judicial Affairs/Due Process

Gina Thurman

Kevin Frazier

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